Tips for applying for a mortgage for self-employed

If you need a personal or professional mortgage or any type of loan, the main advice we give you to get a mortgage is to take into account that we are autonomous and we have come this far because we are very capable on our own.

Applying for a mortgage takes time and sometimes many disappointments and frustrations. Remember, the most important thing is not to take a “no” as a personal defeat.

Like it or not, the fact of being autonomous makes us start from a base situation a little more complex than the rest of humanity. These are issues more related to business than to our person.

Let’s see more tips:

  1. When presenting our documentation, we must do so in an appropriate manner, with an attractive design, as well as adequate content adapted to our brand. The bank will not surely understand our business, illusion and project if we do not transmit it with the maximum precision. Banks know about documents and figures. The rest, you master it, so we encourage you to make a small presentation of your professional or personal project as clear as possible.
  2. Although each bank and firm usually already has its “line of companies” open, no matter how much we tell a bank manager, our objective and our company, some questions will remain untouched. The ideal is not to leave any loose fringe and solve all the questions that can make you doubt.
  3. This dossier must make it clear that we are autonomous enough to pay a monthly fee and return it with their corresponding interests in a reliable and constant manner. It would be good to narrate in a visual way your history, your business, include a resume, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, a graph of gains and losses (justified).
  4. It is also necessary to include a summary with key points that demonstrate your ability to pay and ability to manage the business. This document must be printed with quality as many times as necessary to deliver it to the different banks where you apply for your mortgage. You must be the best commercial of yourself and your project. You must sell it like nobody else since it is yours totally.
  5. In this document that you are going to present to the banking director, incorporate a bit of your life: a summary of the history of the business itself, your competitive differences, professional achievements, recognitions, etc. This Viability Plan must incorporate all the necessary fiscal documentation, in writing.
  6. If there are peaks of losses it would also be advisable that, in writing, it be clear why this has happened and the measures taken. This document will go through different departments prior to its approval and there you will not be able to explain it. It also includes income and expenses information with the main information about customers and suppliers, our projects and previous business successes.
  7. Your ability to save will make the bank more convinced. Ideally, check what your real savings are, current expenses, fixed or continuous income.
  8. And finally, arm yourself with patience and collect a document with all the information of the most competitive mortgages. Make a comparative table in Excel where you can correctly differentiate what type of interest each one has, the amount granted, an assessment of the relationship with that branch, etc.
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