How to choose a vehicle for my business

When we start our own business, we must make a series of decisions that can mark the future of our company in the medium and long term. Especially if we have to make a moderate investment and have a tight budget, as is the case of freelancers and SMEs.

One of these vital decisions arises when choosing a vehicle for our business, something that is especially relevant if we need to move frequently, make deliveries or transport material. In fact, there are few self-employed who consider the company vehicle as an extension of themselves as professionals. So choosing the right vehicle is essential for the development of their activity.

If you need to choose a vehicle for your new business, or are thinking of renewing your company’s transport, take good note of these keys that will guide you when making a decision:


Analyze the real needs of your business

This is an obvious and problematic issue for many entrepreneurs and freelancers. While it is true that in our private lives many of us get carried away by aesthetic issues or personal preferences when choosing a car, when we choose a vehicle for our company it is necessary to make a much more rational analysis.

It is not the same to make commercial visits than home repairs, so you must determine if you will need space for loading or transporting material and its size, as well as the skills and licenses of the people who will drive the vehicle or the number of occupants you will normally have.

If your business requires you to be constantly on the road and total connectivity, an interesting option is to opt for vehicles that allow you to set up a “mobile office”. This helps you simplify the work. To have smartphone and tablet supported, a space for a laptop or an integrated desk that allows you to have all your work tools at your fingertips. In this sense, there are already interesting solutions on the market, the new Renault Traffic, specially designed for the new needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs more linked to technology.


Think long term

We already know the present needs of our business, but what about the future ones? While it is true that we can always use formulas such as leasing and renting that allow us to renew our vehicle with greater flexibility, if we have decided to buy we must take into account that it is a long-term investment.

Calculate the useful life of your vehicle and reflect on whether it will be able to meet the needs of your business until the end of it, trying to anticipate changes both in your own company and in your sector of activity in general.


Determine a budget before choosing a vehicle

Once we have determined what we need, you must establish a budget for your business vehicle … realistic! While it is true that for many freelancers and SMEs the money available is what it is, you should know the offer and market prices based on the benefits and capabilities you need, which does not mean that you should increase your budget unnecessarily.


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