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Why LinkedIn is essential for your SME

What we are going to do is explain ten simple ways with which we can improve the management of our companies thanks to this social network, LinkedIn. Get new customers thanks to our recommendersA satisfied customer represents the best way to attract new customers. On LinkedIn, this translates into obtaining recommendations from our clients. At this point, […]

Radiation Impact on the use of Cellular Phone

The number of cellular phone users is escalating rapidly in the present times. It is estimated that there were about 4.61 billion cell phone users in the world in 2009. However, like any other excessive technological use may have its negative impacts, the high dependency and usage of the technology in the daily lives of […]

Marketing with YouTube

From the last couple of years, Cisco was operating to reprogram its routers to handle the video onslaught. By 2017, a minimum of 78% of all internet traffic was in video format. Nearly above half of the web traffic every day, after 5’ o clock is video traffic with Netflix, YouTube and other online video […]

Building a solid resume

A person’s resume/CV is the first thing a recruitment agent will consider when determining whether they should invite that candidate over for an interview or not. This precious document will be a person’s first, and occasionally the only chance to influence their potential future boss,showing that they are perfect for the position. When applying for a […]

The secret to a rich life

Even though everyone has a different definition of “rich”, everyone knows that it is somewhat related to wealth. A person doesn’t have to make a ton of money to be called successful. Most rather settle for being happy instead. Is there a way to achieve all three? Check out few key steps mentioned below to […]

6 Financial Tips from Donald Trump

Donald Trump has definitely polarized politics, society and the economy in the United States, and perhaps other parts of the world. And although I do not agree with the things he says on Twitter, the success in his career as a businessman, with or without help, has been better than usual. Here are six of the best […]

Lower your businesses electrical bill

As we mentioned in a previous post, saving on the electricity bill is, today, very important. For many small businesses and freelancers, it can be difficult to have enough resources to make a comprehensive renewal of their consumption.However, not everything is lost and, by following some basic tips, you can get significant savings on your […]

Basic guide to invest in stock market

To invest in the stock market, knowledge is needed. Without pretending to substitute a good formation on the subject, today we will see a basic guide of points for it.    First of all, you should be clear about what your investment options are. That is, what alternatives do you have to grow your savings: […]

Project Management Tools you Have to Have

When we are dedicated to organizing a project we must fulfill many responsibilities: knowing who is doing what, what is being delayed and what is being carried out, organizing communication between the team, etc. Actually, managing a project depends not only on your way of working, but on the technology at your fingertips.Whether you dedicate […]

Cash or card, which is best for your finances?

Perhaps you have heard friends and family give advice on what is better, if you use a card or cash as a preferred means of payment. In fact, both are a good option, but much depends on your consumption habits, your level of income and financial control you have. That is why the advice that […]