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5 Tried and True Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Every adult that has purchased anything on credit has a credit score. Your credit score gives you buying power when it comes to homeownership or financing a vehicle. It can also affect what you pay for internet and phone services, utilities, and insurance. There are even some companies that require a certain credit score to […]

The Most Common Functions of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers or accountants play an important role in many companies since they are in charge of maintaining financial records, making them balance, and accurately updating the accounting books. Their work is of value to all types of organizations or companies, whether public or private, since these individuals monitor the flow of money entering and leaving […]

4 Great Tips for Social Media Recruitment to Help Your Small Business with Hiring the BEST!

Small businesses have different short and long-term goals than larger businesses. The main reason for this is that they have fewer resources and less time for recruitment. Small businesses have difficulty finding and hiring potential candidates because they lack the top larger businesses for recruitment. The hiring process is often difficult and can be expensive […]

5 Ways to be Thrifty and Boost Your Savings

We often hear about the importance of saving and getting advice on investing to contribute to your company’s 401(k). Though all of the professional advice is important, there are other ways you can save money that no financial advisor will suggest. Saving money by being thrifty is easy and can, in some cases, be fun […]

Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance

Most people have heard of life insurance, and many of those have heard the terms whole life and term life insurance. When choosing life insurance, you must know what you need before you speak with an insurance agent. Most agents, while keeping your best interest in mind, will are at their core salespeople. For this […]

3 Risks Every Small Business Owner Takes

Most people don’t like risks but choose to take risks when the rewards are too tempting to be ignored. ‘Risk’ is a four-letter word that often has a negative connotation. But the fact is that risk is natural and is present in almost everything we do. No matter how careful and responsible you plan and […]

6 Debt Making Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Financial debt is something that many have to deal with at some time or another in their life. Due to poor spending habits or taking out loans for larger purchases, you need to work to overcome debt. Paying down debt is possible, but there are some mistakes that many people make when it comes to […]

7 Things You Can Do Via Online Banking

Technology has changed the way we function. It has modernized everything, and banking is no exception. Through online banking, you can now access your accounts through a cell phone or a computer. Online banking or internet banking is an online payment system that allows the customers of a financial institution or a bank to conduct […]

10 Smart Ways to Fund Your Startup Business

Every startup business requires capital to fund the initial set up and operational needs. These needs include funding for product development, acquiring new inventory and equipment, and initial rollout efforts to pay your employees or fund general operations. Entrepreneurs need to know how to utilize and manage their business finances to run their new business […]

Facebook Messenger to Increase Your Sales

In this article, you will learn how to use Facebook Messenger, the chat feature on the site, to increase your business’ sales. You will also be presented with the steps you must take to use Messenger as a channel to grow your customer base without an online marketing consultant’s assistance. Social networks as sales channelsToday, […]