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Risk Tolerance vs. Risk Capacity

Risk can be defined differently depending on the investor and what is most important to them. For some investors, the potential loss does not outweigh the possibility of gain by not investing. If the risk of loss is high for other investors, the possible gains will not entice them to invest in a high-risk venture. […]

7 Keys to Successful Budgeting

Creating a budget can be a satisfying process if done correctly. When you make one, you will get a feeling of relief that you have finally gained control of your finances. But making a budget is not as important as handling your money effectively; the key to successful budgeting is to stick to the plan […]

Marketing Strategies for the Small Business Restaurant

The small business restaurant is one of the more challenging businesses to own. Chain restaurants have the advantage of national or global ad campaigns that benefit franchise owners, but the small business restaurant must use creative strategies to get enough business to succeed. These strategies also need to be low to no-cost to help the […]

Risks Business Owners Take and How to Manage Them

Being an entrepreneur in itself is a risk. You risk money, time, and sanity, deciding to own and operate your own business. But most entrepreneurs will say that the risk is worth the reward because owning your own business and having some control over your career and financial destiny is a powerful position in which […]

How to Finance Your Funeral with Life Insurance

Most people don’t think of death in terms of their funeral and the costs associated, and often leave family members unprepared for the costs. Some life insurance policies will include death benefits that can be used towards funeral and final expenses. When choosing a life insurance policy, if you already hold life insurance, ask your […]

3 Major Reasons Your Small Business Needs Business Insurance

When starting a small business, you should make your business an LLC or Limited Liability Corporation. Creating it as an LLC or Limited Liability Corporation will protect you and your personal assets from being affected should your company have legal issues, including lawsuits or collections.Outside of making your business a Limited Liability Corporation, you also […]

5 Ways to Lower or Eliminate Bad Debt Expenses

Bad debt expenses in business are those accounts receivables that have gone into severe default and are considered a loss. For businesses that operate cash only or payment upon service or purchase don’t have issues with bad debt expenses. However, some businesses, to some degree, feel they need to operate by extending some credit.If your […]

5 Steps to Help You Find Your Business Idea

Many people come to a point in their life where they decide they would like to start their own business. Maybe you are feeling underappreciated or that your talents are being wasted working for someone else. There could be many reasons you have decided to strike out on your own, and you need a business […]