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Fraud Statistics Every Business Should Know

The ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) Global Fraud Study disclosed that a typical business loses an average of 5% of income each year because of fraud. Universally, this translates to deficits of roughly $3.7 trillion, according to anti-fraud experts.Furthermore, other than lost income, there are also unforeseen costs. For example –  decreased productivity, low […]

What is an Inventory Management System and What Features do I Need?

Inventory management systems help keep tabs on merchandise and inventory through the full supply chain a business operates in. Inventory management systems cover it all; from manufacturing to retail, storehouse to shipping, and everything that lies in between.Basically, it all comes down to the business overlooking its operations, therefore, allowing them to establish better investments […]

Marketing Tips for Tough Financial Times

Marketing plays a vital role for many organizations in not only getting through the recession but emerging as an improved brand by practicing vigilant recessionary thinking. Although slashing budgets and laying off the workforce is always an option for businesses, they should initially view tough times as an opportunity to grow internally as well as […]

Reduce Business Expenses And Save Money

There is no denying the fact that cutting business expenses and controlling costs has become extremely challenging in today’s business environment. Modern trends indicate that companies need to reduce their expenses to effectively achieve their business goals and objectives. However, establishing control over your business and finances requires a large amount of motivation, knowledge, skills, […]

Cloud Computing Benefits: Flexible, Economical and Secure

Best Practices In Cloud ComputingCompanies are increasingly using the best practices in cloud computing to internationally expand their services. Cloud computing helps businesses tap into new markets. However, the economic aspect is only one of the factors of demand. Improving performance including data speed, service up time, and enhanced security are equally essential elements.Any business […]

Investment Capital – Avoiding Over Capitalization

Over capitalization in a company occurs when the total capital (debt & equity of the stockholders) of a company surpasses the actual value of its assets. Corporations must produce more in earnings than the money invested to increase the capital invested by stockholders such as bondholders, shareholders, and other funding sources. Otherwise, the firm does not earn […]

The Significance of Budgeting

The structural and economic strength of a business is directly related to its financial efficiency. Finance is the fundamental base of any business corporation which tends to establish strong infrastructure, enabling smart operations of a company. Financial management owns intrinsic significance in terms of providing a strong system to a company which is achieved through […]

Is A Cloud-Based CRM System Secure?

What is a Cloud-Based CRM System?A cloud-based CRM is a term used to describe a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is hosted on a cloud-based system. A cloud-based system for a CRM is easily accessible by the internet. It’s easier for employees and companies to have access to the database at any time.  As […]

Strategies For Increasing Sales In A Small Business

The following are a few strategies to increase the sales of a small business.Spend time carefullyA common concept is that money is the asset for small business owners but, in fact, time is the real asset. If you lose money due to any reason, it will come to you one day if you work hard. […]

How To Investigate Fraud

Many organizations and business owners face fraud each year due to their employees or business partners. New entrepreneur startups and small businesses are more vulnerable. The risk of fraud has increased due to the advancement of technology and progressive development of the world into a global village. The increased awareness of technological developments and complex […]