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How to Build Risk-Tolerant Investments

Risk is a part of life, and especially when it comes to investments, is a standard part of the process. While risk-free investments were possible and even a little profitable in the past, now, it is no longer possible to grow money with risk-free investments due to inflation. With this in mind, if you are […]

3 Options to Help Repair Your Credit Score Immediately

Your credit score is an important part of your financial health. Many have poor scores that are completely justified, and others have issues with their credit scores that are not valid. Sometimes we have bad scores because we hit rough times and could not pay our bills on time, if at all. Job loss, income […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is important to carry, and in most states, it is the law that you at least have limited liability insurance. Auto insurance is essential because it will take care of you in case of an accident and cover both sides, whether you are at fault or not. Knowing this, there are many questions […]

Three Ways to Build a Solid Resume

A person’s resume is the first thing a recruitment agent will consider in determining whether they should invite that candidate over for an interview or not. This document will be a person’s first and occasionally the only chance to influence their potential future boss that they are perfect for the position.When applying for a job, […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Bookkeeper

Accounting in a small business can be a challenge. Most of the time, small business owners wear many hats in the company, and when it comes to keeping the books, mistakes can be made, and data can fall through the cracks. Though there is lots of great bookkeeping software out there, at some point, most […]

Bite-Sized Portions of the Cloud Part 1

How to embrace the cloud into bite-sized portions from Jennifer Brazer, founder and CEO of a completely cloud-based company based in the US.I have created a company that is 100% in the cloud and I want to share with everyone my thoughts on how to embrace this type of company. I have gathered some great […]

8 Business Tools Every Freelancer Should Have

Freelancing, as a full-time business, is becoming more and more popular. Generally, freelancers take a skill or multiple skills they used in the business world and converted into their own freelance business. For many reasons becoming a freelancer is appealing.Being your own bossFlexibility in your scheduleNo limit to incomeOnly taking work you want to The […]

11 Tips to Help You Start a Food Business

The food industry is thriving and flourishing. People have started investing in food businesses because they are less likely to fail in the current market. Everybody likes to eat, but not everybody loves to cook. This is where the food industry comes into play. Homemade food or restaurants, people like eating delicious food. Here are […]