10 Super Business Ideas from the Mind of Kids

Kids roughly make up 40% of the total world population. That is a big number, which also means that they are a great target market for different businesses. If businesses were to take ideas from the mind of kids when starting a business, their chances of success would be high. Why is that? This is because those businesses would be fulfilling the demand of 40% of the world population. After all, kids play a vital role these days in influencing the purchase decision of their family.


Here we have complied a list of super business ideas from the mind of kids.


  • Toy store

How many kids would say that they don’t like toy stores? None. A big toy store done aesthetically is every kids dream come true. This would be a great business idea taken from the mind of kids.


  • Theme park

Although this business idea may seem like a hefty investment, it will all be worth it. We rarely see any theme park go out of business. Kids totally love theme parks.


  • Game arcade

What kid does not like playing games? No one – especially, when they can collect tickets and buy gifts for themselves using those tickets. Opening a game arcade is a great business idea – it will also be a profitable idea as most families would love to take their kids out for entertainment.


  • Candy store

A store that just sells candy is like heaven on earth for kids. Most kids would love to visit a store that just sells candy of all types.


  • Ice cream shop

Ice cream shops are quiet popular among kids. It is also a great business idea that can be really profitable. We all know that kids love ice cream when we see them run after an ice cream stuck as soon as it passes by their street.


  • Costume store

Kids love dressing up as their favorite superheroes, that’s what we all did too when we were young isn’t it? This is why opening a costume store for the kids will be a super hit business idea.


  • Junk Food store

A store that is filled with the favorite junk food and snacks of kids will be a great venture. The influx of kids who bring their family to the store will make it a popular business idea.


  • School Supplies Store

How many of you loved having the best funky looking school supplies just to look cool in front of your friends in school? I guess all of us did. Having a store solely dedicated to school supplies will be a lucrative business idea.


  • Movie Theater

Opening a theater dedicated just to playing kids all time favorite movies is a pretty unique idea. This is a great way to appeal to your target market and families would love to bring their kids there.


  • Kids Clothing store

Kids these days are really picky about what they wear. In fact, they no longer let their parents shop for their clothes alone, they always tag along. Opening a kids clothing store would be a great business idea.


It is a fact that kids nowadays play a vital role in the purchase decisions their families make, which is why we have come up with the above list of business ideas from the minds of kids. But before you start a venture make sure you make a viable business plan and ways to market it to make it successful.


You need to carefully pick marketing mediums that will directly link you to your target market – kids. Some of these can include – ads between a popular cartoon, show, game, etc.


If you have your business idea in place, and have a proper plan of executing it, there is now way your business idea will not succeed. We can also get assurance from the fact that kids play a vital role in deciding what will be purchased for them.


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