Rise of Online Payment Gateways


When you have a business and want a swift transfer of funds from your customer, online payment gateways come in handy. They securely validate a transaction. Payment gateways authorize payments from credit cards for businesses that work online and offline. Your customer’s credit card is validated, which allows you to get paid. When you have started a business, you will need a secure way to receive funds, and payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square ease that process.

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The Leading Players of Payments Conducted Online

You don’t need to be an expert to learn how online payments are conducted, but you may want to know the basics of who is involved in the whole procedure. Before you use a payment gateway for your business, you should learn about the parties involved. First is the merchant, the business owner working in the online sector such as eCommerce or travel who is offering a product or service.

The second player is the cardholder who buys and makes a transaction by purchasing the product or service. The third one is the issuing bank, which gives the customer access to debit or credit cards that allow the transaction to occur. The acquiring bank is the fourth and last player that holds value, as it maintains the merchant’s account and connects with the issuing bank to receive the funds.

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Why Online Payment Gateways are Getting Big

When you choose a payment gateway, several benefits come along with it:

  • When you make your business transaction through online payments, you have saved yourself from physically collecting money.
  • Online payment gateways allow transactions to happen efficiently, which increases customer loyalty.
  • Since the process is easy, a payment gateway will allow sales and profits to increase as customers find it easy to pay for a product or service.
  • No discreet or hidden charges will occur once the payment happens.
  • With a payment gateway, the process is secure, and you are confident that you sent the money to the right source.

There are pros of using a payment gateway, yet there are a few minor setbacks that come with it:

  • data breach can occur in which a hacker can extract your credit card details.
  • Some payment gateways object to specific cards and payments even though they market themselves as unanimously accepting payments from any portals and card type.
  • International customers are excluded from purchasing as a payment gateway may not work in specific countries. The company may also ask a customer to pay a high price to cover shipping costs or pay duty.

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How to Work Through a Payment Gateway

When opting for payment gateways, ensure that you choose one that has the highest form of security. Payment gateways may have encryption, yet once the customer’s information is uploaded, it is on the server and poses a risk. With malware, which reads passwords and scans through confidential information, you, as a business owner, might receive a transaction that may seem authentic, yet it can be a fraud.

When you choose payment gateways, you increase your global outreach and send your product to all the corners of the world. If you had a physical shop that took only cash, you would be constrained as you wouldn’t receive large orders and only have a specific area you could cover. When individuals want to do impulse buying, they tend to choose their credit cards as they are easy and efficient. Carrying cash or issuing cheques is a hassle for most, and online payment allows easier product access.

How to Get a Competitive Edge with Payment Gateways

To retain your customers, you must strategize and maintain a business plan that increases brand loyalty. You have selected an action plan to increase sales and profits when choosing a payment gateway for your business instead of cash and cheques. The sellers’ reputation improves as they successfully receive online payments and deliver their products on time. Customers begin to trust the brand, purchase often, and tell their family and friends about the quick service.

The technological advancement of a payment gateway has allowed people to purchase any product or service from the comfort of their homes. Making online payments has never been easier and allows a smooth sailing experience. Even though it has its pros and cons, the world has accepted payment gateways with open arms.

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