Getting the most out of your Facebook advertising

In this first stop of the Social Media Advertising tour, we are going to talk about advertising on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is one of the most complete advertising platforms that exist, since they allow you to segment your campaign based on the audience you are targeting.

This functionality is super interesting. We only have to take into account the amount of data that many Facebook users fill in their profiles. That information is used for the segmentation of campaigns, of course.


Custom Audiences on Facebook Ads

One of the most interesting functionalities in terms of segmentation is the possibility of creating customized audiences.

You will see, when you have the possibility to obtain the emails of your users, either because your website has a registration option, or because they have left their email to download a resource, you can upload them to Facebook and this will find similar user profiles that you uploaded.

Only the mere possibility of doing this is impressive. We are talking about Facebook going to find and find users that have similar characteristics to users who have shown interest in what we offer or are currently customers.


Advertising formats in Facebook Ads

To run a campaign from scratch, we should have a business page on Facebook. But we are going to enter into matter and we are going to see the types of advertising formats that Facebook puts at our disposal.

That is, more and more the traffic comes from desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., so the formats have to adapt to it. We also show you in this seminar how to make a Facebook Ads campaign step by step. Facebook offers an advertising format for each story , depending on how we want to tell it. These are:


Ads with photo on Facebook Ads

These types of ads allow you to post an eye catching image and include text to gain the attention of the audience. 


Ads with video on Facebook Ads

In this case we go a step further and use a native audiovisual format. Facebook values ​​the use of videos directly uploaded to its platform, much more than a link to YouTube.

If each day more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to Facebook, the platform allows you to reach your audience in the most common way at this time.


Video ads presentation on Facebook Ads

To make a video requires certain resources that may not be available to anyone, so this format is very interesting for ordinary mortals.


What is it about?

The video presentation in Facebook Ads is a sequence of images with a duration of a few seconds each. It is very interesting since, even in places with limited connectivity, its visualization is possible since it does not require a very high connection speed.

It can serve to cover almost all the objectives that we may have, but it is really good to attract users to your website.


Collection Ads in Facebook Ads

It was the last advertising format added to date by Facebook – in March 2017-. As we have read on the Facebook website for companies, this collection format “makes it easier for people to discover, explore and buy products and services from their mobile devices in a visual and immersive way”.

Basically, what happens when you press any of the images is that a quick loading page opens where there is additional information and possibility of purchase without leaving the Facebook application.


How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Advertising on Facebook does not have a fixed payment system for making a campaign, but it will charge you based on your goals.

If your goal is to bring traffic to your website, you end up paying for each click that users make in your promoted publication.

Therefore, you will pay per click, per conversion or new follower, always depending on the objectives that you have marked at the beginning of the realization of the campaign.




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