Advantages and benefits of online banking

US banks stand out among those in other countries for the offer of digital channels at the service of their customers, according to a study by Fintech Latam. Do you know all the advantages of using these tools for your banking transactions? Here we’ll explain them to you.

The first thing you should know is that “Digital or online banking” includes all the digital tools that banking institutions make available to users in order to facilitate daily transactions such as balance inquiry, money transfers, opening of savings accounts, CDTS or loan application; among other actions, which can now be performed from a computer or mobile phone.


Time saving


Especially, the arrival of mobile devices has made the digital channels of the banks take more and more prominence compared to traditional offices. Nearly two-thirds of Americans who have banking services prefer to make transactions from their cell phones, than go to their bank’s office.

This is due in the first place to the saving of time because the use of digital channels avoids having to travel to the bank or wait for the turn to check the balance, make a transaction or a payment. Thanks to the internet you can do this type of operations from any place and at any time. All you need is to have an internet connection and the username and password to enter the transactional channels of your bank.


Secure transactions


Another great advantage is that many of the banking operations that can be done online have no cost or have a lower cost. This is the case of money transfers to accounts in other cities or balance inquiries. 

Although it wouldn’t seem like it to the naked eye, security is another added value of using your bank’s digital channels. This is because more and more progress is being made in the area to reduce the different security risks in transactions and avoid the transfer of cash from one place to another. Technology such as biometrics, which allows to establish the identity of a person through an analysis of their physical characteristics such as the iris, the voice or their fingerprints, are a great guarantee in this field.

With this technology it is possible to detect if the person who is presented in front of the cell phone or computer is the person or if they are anomalous behaviors such as a photo or video that tries to unlock the service and incur fraud.

In addition, if you must carry out high-value transactions, by doing so from a bank branch, you may be exposed to theft and unexpected situations that may alter your peace of mind. On the other hand, if you do them from your computer or mobile phone, following all the safety recommendations, you will save these inconveniences.

For all the above, digital banking has all the potential to safely carry out all types of financial operations at very comfortable times. Some banks offer several of their services even 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus increasing the productivity of people and businesses and leaving them more free time for other activities.

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