How human resources will utilize technology for talent management

The digital transformation is not only related to the increase in productivity or the competitiveness of the company. Also, and in a special way, how human resources are organized and managed when capturing and retaining the best talent in the market.

Talent management is experiencing a real revolution in the last five years, especially because faced with a panorama of fierce competition, in some sectors, authentic talent is scarce. What can we expect for the coming years? The consultant Top Employers shares with us the following ten major trends.

Change management

The management change is imperative for companies to reinvent themselves. This change management will not be understood only as technological transformation, but above all as a cultural change that will rethink the whole way of working in organizations.

According to the consultancy CEB, change management is already the main priority for talent, as well as being a fundamental part of the work of four out of five Human Resources directors.

Acquisition of talent

The acquisition of talent will undoubtedly be one of the main priorities as a result of the growing competition to find the right employees for complex roles in a context of scarcity.

Companies will increasingly use predictive analytics technologies in the selection process. In addition, they will work in recruiting marketing to offer the most attractive image possible to candidates. 

Value proposal to the employee

The employee value proposition (EVP in its acronym in English) will be more strategic. In the context of the consolidation of millennials in companies, with their demands for flexibility, it will be a priority to offer them a complete and personalized EVP.

This EVP will be increasingly linked to getting the best experience, based on the particular needs of each worker. The entire organization must be strategically involved in the creation of this EVP.

Proposal for global compensation

There will also be a growing implementation of the proposal of global compensation for each employee in the organizations, an area in which there is still much room for improvement.

With this proposal, the company communicates annually, and in a personalized way not only the traditional remuneration elements such as the fixed and variable salary but the monetization of the social benefits, the investment in training, pensions and long-term incentives will be incorporated more and more. It is a key tool for loyalty, with which the company puts in value the full compensation that it really offers to each professional.

Onboarding systems

Organizations will continue to perfect their onboarding programs, with the main objective that newcomers integrate into the culture of the company.

What was once an isolated action that lasted a few days, will be a process that begins before employees join the organization and last up to one year.

More gamification

The use of gamification will increase in many different areas, such as talent acquisition, training, integration or leadership programs.

Gamification tools will be consolidated, such as simulations, role plays or video games, based on interaction with participants. They will be used, for example, to know what the competencies of the candidates are in the selection process or to assess the skills of the leaders.

Career planning and succession

The career planning and succession are also consolidated as one of the main priorities of Human Resources, not only for key positions but for the entire organization.

The flexibility, transparency, and empowerment of the professional will be intensified. Mobility will be promoted not only vertically, but also horizontally and multifunctionally, encouraging the professionals themselves to take charge of their career development, relying, on the one hand, on technology, with interactive portals of free access, with information and resources for the professional development, and on the other hand, in a leadership style developer, of a coach leader, that stimulates the “career conversations” of the professional with his boss.

Multidirectional communication

Coming years will also see a growth in multidirectional communication in all areas of talent management, such as learning processes, performance management, the creation of creative environments or the construction of the company’s culture.

The employees should feel that they can comment, that they are listened to. In this way, they will be more committed to what they do and will be more productive. This multidirectional communication is also key to getting employees to become the best brand ambassadors of the companies.

Corporate Wellness

The employee welfare initiatives  will grow during the next year, with very varied programs related to the promotion of healthy nutrition, the practice of sports or stress management.

Companies are increasingly aware that the promotion of healthy habits directly impacts the business, not only with a clear decrease in absenteeism but also with increased productivity and commitment.

More technology

The technological disruption and deployment of predictive analytics are hard to set the agenda of those responsible for Human Resources. 

They will do even more in the coming years, with increasing use of technology in all areas of talent management. Decision making in organizations will rely, increasingly, on big data. The great challenge will be to be able to perform the predictive analysis of the intangibles with the most impact on the business (people analytics) and use this information to make the best-informed decisions.


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