E-Commerce: How to Manage the Sending of Parcels Around the World?

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E-commerce has been a thriving market for several decades. Several individuals and professionals have also chosen to join this type of business. For a successful online sale, delivery is essential. However, things start to get worse when the recipient lives abroad. The seller must ensure the delivery of the article or product relatively quickly to ensure its sustainability. Here, you will learn everything that helps you manage the transferring parcels around the globe. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Package preparations

After the conclusion of a sale, it is necessary to pack your products before shipping the package. The sender can choose boxes or envelopes, padded or not. To protect the item, the shipper should also consider incorporating padding equipment. The size of the packaging should be as small as possible to save. For information, the cost of the packaging must add to the number of items sold. Otherwise, the seller’s profit margins will be lower.

Sending the parcel to the postal services

The sender can choose to send the parcel through the postal services. However, the package must be light.  The postal services carry out the weighing to know the weight before sending the package to its destination. Once at the destination, the postman puts the package in the receiver’s mailbox. The customer can also come to the post office to pick up his package. The solution does not require signing a receipt document. Postal services allow you to track your parcels using various mobile applications.

General terms related to global shipping

Trading invoice – Exporter makes this document that proves your ownership.

Customs – It tells us the government assesses imports, export, and lets you know the transit-related laws of the country.

De minimis value – is a threshold that means you will have to pay duties for imported goods.

Duties – payment of tax or tax

Fulfillment center – you can receive all your incoming orders from affiliated locations. This center process or fill your orders and work independently with the specific industries.

HS – It is the Harmonized System (HS) by which you can apply for duties, implement trade agreements, and gather trade statistics. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

HS classification code – With it, you get fundamental product parameters to evaluate customs duties and taxes.  

Zone for free trade – traders have ports that allow them to enter non-prohibited products without paying their duties.

What products prohibit international delivery?

Several products are not allowed for national or international delivery. You can consult the prohibited products with delivery companies or postal services. Specific rules govern each country in terms of sending parcels. In principle, analgesic products and animals do not permit delivery. Likewise, sellers cannot also ship chemicals and explosives. Concretely, it is forbidden to send products that present health or safety risks.

How to secure the product?

When delivery happens abroad, it is important to ensure the package. It will make it possible to recover compensation in the case of loss of the package. For information, the postal services only reimburse the amount of postage. Also, products must be packaged with the unique packaging of certain postal services to receive a refund. Therefore, it is important to know the conditions of sending to posts or courier companies. To ensure the article, you would need to take out additional insurance. Indeed, the amount of compensation is much lower than the actual price of the product on the market. Taking out insurance will also depend on the delivery method. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Customs declarations

Once the goods have arrived on the soil of a foreign country, packages must receive approval by customs before delivery to the customer. Customs clearance procedures are not compulsory when deliveries happen in the European Union and overseas countries. Otherwise, you should include customs documentation with your package. Customs documentation is available online or at post offices. It is enough to give information concerning the product to facilitate the work of the customs agents. Payment of customs fees is the responsibility of the customers. The seller must include this information in his online sales site.

Warehouse management and order fulfillment option

Order management and fulfillment warehouses also become possible solutions for ensuring delivery. The method consists of entrusting the delivery management to a partner. The goods stay at partner warehouses. Therefore, the seller will not need to have a physical warehouse to save on storage costs when the seller receives an order from a customer. The order will be transferred automatically to the partner. The seller will receive the amount of the article. For its part, the partner will prepare the package and send it through its delivery channels on your behalf. However, handling and shipping costs are first collected.

One of the challenges that many E-commerce retail shops face when dealing worldwide is broken packages and damages to the goods while transporting them overseas. Make sure you manage the inventory and ensure their safety while handling. Many users end up leaving complaints about the packages after receiving them and eventually ask for chargebacks. Chargebacks cause an additional cost burden on your company and may even drive losses to your business if your products are not insured.

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