8 Ways to Optimize Breaks and Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Optimize Breaks - Complete Controller

It is common in today’s busy workplaces for employees to skip lunches and breaks to keep working. Working without breaks and focusing on a single task non-stop has been shown to affect the employee negatively. Some of the negative results have been exhaustion, loss of focus, lower productivity, and physical issues. Scientific studies have backed up these facts.

It has been found in a study by the University of Illinois that focusing on a single task for a long time decreases the productivity level of a person, hence, decreasing the performance too. If you want to enhance your productivity and efficiency, taking no breaks is not the correct answer. American scientist Ferris Jabr believes, “Maintaining unbroken focus or navigating demanding intellectual territory for several hours does burn enough energy to leave one feeling denied.” Here are eight ways that you can use to optimize your breaks and increase productivity and efficiency. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Take a Social Break

The workplaces where employees have good social bonds are more likely to retain their employees. Employees at such a workplace are motivated to work efficiently and like to work productively. Therefore, it is usually advised to create a workplace where employees can enjoy social bonding in an office environment. This area could be a breakroom or a sitting area away from where production is taking place not to disrupt other employees who are working.

The 90-Minute Rule

A study on sleep patterns observed that taking a break after working for 90 minutes improves a person’s focus and concentration level. It decreases the frustration built up inside a person and enhances the productivity level. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Take Frequent Vacations

Work and tension can eventually lead to mental burnout, which prevents the employee from being motivated at work. It can cause frustration and irritability. To avoid falling into the same monotonous routine, it is best to take a vacation after every ten months. It enhances the productivity of an individual and reduces the risk of depression.

Have a Nap Time

Sufficient sleep has been linked to better learning and memory. It also helps enhance mental alertness and increases creativity and productivity, creating a good impact on a person’s health, similar to physical and mental exercise.

Keep the Blood Flowing

It is not healthy to spend long hours on a chair. Suppose you have a job where you have to spend all your time on a chair and a desk, keep on taking short breaks, to stretch your muscles. Exercise releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which helps in improving mood and memory. Download A Free Financial Toolkit


A person should pay attention to the kind of food they eat. After all, We are what we eat. When eating out, choose healthier options. Grabbing junk food from the vending machine would feel good to your taste buds, but it will end up making you feel lazy. Instead of unhealthy foods, go for vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and complex carbs as these are high in nutrients. Make the most out of your food breaks.

Outside Socializing

It is helpful for a person’s mental health to socialize with people around them. It motivates an individual and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. If you can’t find a person to talk to at your workplace, then try calling your loved ones. You will feel the change yourself. It assists your mental health by improving your mood and reducing stress.

Enjoy Your Own Company

The most important thing is enjoying the work you are doing. If you are doing something which puts stress on you, change it. Don’t pick something that has a bad impact on your mental health.

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