5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Financial Advisor

Professional Financial Advisor - Complete Controller

The professional financial advisor plays a very important role in many business management decisions and consultation on day-to-day operations. We call a lawyer to clarify legal questions and hire a tax advisor to prepare our tax returns. However, there was no focus on the importance of hiring a professional financial advisor to advise us on business financial issues.

According to many magazines, the leading company in financial advising, hiring an independent finance professional ─ without linking to financial entities─ is an upward trend that can have multiple benefits for the personal economy. Here are some of the main advantages and five reasons you should hire a professional financial advisor. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Objectivity Towards the Information Observed

The financial advisor consultant’s only interest is to look for the best product or plan since it has no other interest than to benefit its client. Being free of a financial institution’s conditions, the advisor can focus solely on the client’s circumstances to offer a plan that suits them best.

We independently analyze multiple investment options existing in the national or international market to make the client a unique investment proposal according to their objectives. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Global Analysis of Economics

The independent professional financial advisor focuses not only on the investment but also on the client’s general financial situation. “We are a kind of ‘financial doctor.’ In the analysis of the financial health of the client, there are multiple analyzes. We study the life of the patient globally, the investor. We are not a buyer of products, nor a broker, nor an investor to use, but an adviser of the life of our client in the economic field that acts with previous knowledge of his family situation, the children, his expectation of future expenses, studies, etc. “, they indicate from the company.

Multi-Year Tax Planning

When the end of the year approaches, we are in a hurry to optimize the income statement that we will have to present in June of next year. Invite the client to be abstract from this slavery of the urgent and plan what is important, providing ideas, strategies, and advice so you can make a tax planning of your savings income, not only for this exercise but in a natural way and consistent, extended to several years. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Acquisition of Low-Cost Financial Products

For an efficient negotiation, each client’s personalized analysis is essential and, above all, establishing a “global negotiation” with the financial entities involved. This negotiation entails studying each item, mediation commissions, expenses for transfers, and custodies. “With this we seek to have more negotiation strength if we join more clients, resulting in a reduction of” bank costs “with an average of more than 50% and thanks to this intermediation, the portfolios obtained an increase in yield of 0.50. % annual. “, explain from the company.

Control of the Expenses of Financial Management

Many times, investment decisions are conditioned by what we read in the news or by friends and acquaintances’ comments. As mentioned in many famous magazines, the reality is that most people do not have a plan about what they want to do with their savings.

“From the EAFI Independent Financial Counseling Company, we guide the client to set their objectives, and we help them to fulfill them. It is about drawing up a long-term plan that is remembered quite frequently.” This plan includes a situation about the current value of our investment assets, the expenses and the possible financial costs of today and tomorrow, their future evolution, and how our heritage will respond to the current and expected level of life, “the experts declare.

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