5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money Management

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Personal financial management is a concept of great significance that helps individuals keep a grasp on their expenses while building savings. This management of finances creates a budget to manage current expenses and help you build funds for retirement and emergencies. As financial management is of high importance when you become a responsible adult, we must teach our children money management starting at a young age. When lessons are taught in childhood, they become a habit for children, proving fruitful as they grow older.

Money management is not taught in school though it is an important subject, so it is up to parents to teach our kids how to manage money to give them a strong financial future as adults. Here are five ways to teach your kids about money management. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Show Your Kids How to Use Cash

Most kids don’t know what credit cards are, let alone manage them, so it is important to start teaching them money management with cash. When they get older, you can give them a debit card with limitations and help them open and maintain a checking or savings account. Cash is easy to deal with and easier for them to count on face values.

Gift Your Kids with a Piggy Bank

Teaching your kids about money management doesn’t have to be a complicated task. They don’t need spreadsheets and complicated budgets. They need a small bit of capital and help with how to manage it. To get them started on the idea of a savings account, you can buy them a piggy bank and show them how to allocate some of their money into their piggy bank. To further teach them about savings, you can have them pick a fairly expensive toy they want to buy and help them use their piggy bank to save towards this goal. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Play Games That Center Around Money

One of the greatest games that teach about money management is the game of Monopoly. It teaches about savings, making good financial choices, purchasing power, property ownership, passive income, and even taxes and interest. While a Monopoly game can last a long time, even if the game is not played to a winner, there are so many valuable money lessons they can get from the game that you can translate into the real world.

Teach Your Kids About Hard Work

To have money to manage, your kids should earn it to get a lesson in hard work and how if you work hard, you can make more money. You can also use this as an opportunity to teach them that if they do harder jobs, they can make more money. This job opportunity will give them the chance to make job choices. It might also give them the chance to start exploring their passion and give them a chance to become entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is ageless, and even children can start their small businesses. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of money management; you can teach your kids. Many adults don’t budget, and it is often to her detriment. Though your child’s income and expenses won’t be much, you can use their earning opportunities to show them how to make a simple budget to help them with savings and spending habits.


Money management is a challenging concept, even for most adults. Teaching your kids about money management at a young age and gradually increasing their knowledge and responsibilities as they get older will be a priceless financial benefit for years to come. You can show them how to manage cash, start a savings account, how money works through gameplay and hard work, and teach them how to create and stick to a budget. These lessons are ones that many adults don’t even understand.

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