Worker’s Comp: Key Insights

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It is mandatory for every employer in the United States of America, except a few states, to purchase workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a form of security offered to employees and their families if injured or dying while working. Injuries, including loss of limbs, illness, repetitive motion injuries, medical treatments, and rehabilitation required for the recovery, total wages lost, and death benefits all come under workers’ compensation insurance.

This insurance is beneficial not only for employees but also for the company itself. By purchasing workers’ compensation, a company is more protected from legal matters. Here are the six things every employer and employee should know regarding workers’ compensation insurance. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Injuries Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

There are scenarios when an employee’s injury is due to their negligence. Many companies refuse to pay any benefits in a situation like this. Both employers and employees need to know that injuries caused partially due to the worker’s fault can come under workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance also covers any injuries when an employee is offsite while performing part of their job. Even if an employee is injured while attending an event sponsored by the company, this is considered a part of the insurance coverage.

Avoiding Workers’ Compensation

Some small-scale businesses attempt to avoid purchasing insurance by declaring their employees as independent contractors. Doing so helps such companies avoid paying their employees any compensation. However, if the IRS becomes aware of this, the company may be subjected to paying significant tax penalties and, in the worst cases, may also be held criminally liable.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Many believe that fraud risks involving workers’ compensation are remarkably high. Although, this is certainly not always the case. According to studies, fraud risks involving workers’ compensation insurance are lower than 5%.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Every Business Needs to Purchase Workers’ Compensation

The laws of workers’ compensation are different in every state. However, many states in the US make it mandatory for businesses with just one employee to purchase workers’ compensation. No matter how small or big the business is, purchasing this compensation is compulsory.

Worsening of Preexisting Conditions

If an employee’s preexisting medical condition worsens due to work, the business also has to cover the expense of their treatment. It does not matter if the physical condition dates back to when a worker was not working in their present company; the employer is liable to pay for their recovery treatments.

Benefits Cannot Stop Without Notice

A company does not have the right to stop benefits payments without notice. The benefits continue as long as the employee is away from their job due to their work injury. The benefits stop if the employee returns to work and signs a supplemental agreement. The employee should consult an attorney when no such thing happens, and the benefits stop. Unless a judge declares the end of the benefits, the company cannot stop paying it to the employee.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now


Workers’ compensation is legally regulated, and companies that don’t carry it are at significant risk of high-dollar lawsuits if an employee is hurt. It is crucial that a company covers themselves and takes care of an employee if they are hurt.

However, you must research and understand the laws, requirements, and processes. Before insuring your company under workers’ compensation, if something happens to an employee on the job, you will need to know the steps that must be taken to cover you and the employee. Protecting the company against liability and ensuring the employee gets the best care and financial coverage possible.

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