Why Investing in Stocks Makes No Sense

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According to recent research, people should avoid only investing in stocks anymore. Some experts even stated that it is better to flush money down the toilet or throw a big party rather than investing in a stock. For a fresh investor, investing in the stock market typically results in a loss. Most people often think of the stock market as their one-way ticket towards wealth. However, the reality of the outcome is more disappointing and overwhelming. Below are a few legitimate reasons why investing in stocks no longer makes much financial sense. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

You don’t know much about stocks

Buying stocks and watching them go down 70% before they end up going up a mere 30% from their starting price can be extremely disheartening. The stock market can become a frustrating waiting game. However, being patient for so long and not getting the desired results can be very disappointing. Many people invest in stocks while having very little knowledge of what exactly they are putting their money into. Over the past seventy years, the average return of the stock market is 10.7%, with investor return being at 1.8%, generously.

Way too risky

If you follow the daily news, you probably know how fast the stock switches from good to bad and from bad to worse. With this much up and down movement, a person can quickly lose a good deal of money in a short amount of time. Judging by recent figures, investing in stocks is far too risky.

Dealing with brokers

Dealing with brokers can be the worst part of investing in stocks. Some brokers are costly to hire but will offer much more perspective, whereas others are cheap but not very experienced. Finding a reliable broker can be challenging, especially for a new investor. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Even the best investors in the world make, on average, between 10 and 15%

From a realistic perspective, a typical stock market investor will never make the large sums of money they hope for. Typically, if you decide to pick some stocks and hold them for a long time, you will gross a return of 7%. Is that enough? In short, some people are better at playing the market, and they learn faster. These people may profit more than the average investor, but most do not.  

Stocks can be boring

Suppose you own a stock right now related to a drug company that creates a product for treating irritable bowel syndrome. First, you must research the drug and the market extensively. You may even want to reach out to the company to gather more relevant information. The whole research process is extremely tedious and complex, and even after days of research, there are no guarantees.  


Let us assume a person buys and sells the same stock in the same year and somehow ends up tripling their money. Sadly, now there are taxes to pay on their gains. Paying taxes is something that everyone has to do. However, the tax liability can become immense when it comes to the stock market, especially for new investors. Exit Advisor

Not good at technical analysis? Do not invest in stocks

In stocks, it is almost impossible for someone to predict how the market will move. This means that the markets may be tending towards the north when you invest. However, it can change direction dramatically, and only an experienced forecaster can identify these changes over time.

Require a lot of time

Unlike other long-term investments that you can make almost in autopilot mode when investing in stocks, you will need to continuously research the companies to determine whether they are still earning their target returns. If you are usually busy or do not have the time to do this research, investing in the stock market is a bad idea.

Moreover, you do not want to invest in a high failure rate market. It’s best if you invest in a market that has a high success rate and a tremendous return on investment. So, if you’re thinking about spending money on stocks, think again! Consider these hurdles before spending your hard-earned money on stocks.

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