Mobile Parks’ Rising Popularity

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In the US, more and more folks are taking to mobile homes. The concept of mobile home parks has flourished quite well. Call it a trailer home or a residential caravan. Mobile homes can be used as permanent homes while on vacation in the wilderness or if you want to get away from all the fuss, dating back to the good old days when a compartment was attached to the rear of a vehicle.
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However, a lot has changed in the last decade, were fully furnished, stylish, and lavish interiors make a house in a neighborhood look like peanuts. With extra luxury options, such as Corinthian leather and aluminum bases, it’s all about how much is spent on the traveling home.

Mobile home parks have popped up on many national highways around the country, and some even have areas for tourists, such as Yellowstone. It has become explosively popular in modern times, as the population boom and scarcity of resources has made this a viable option for many. In Europe, travel trailers were used by gypsies and showmen who traveled extensively and spent most of their lives with their horse-drawn caravan. Some ardent trailer owners hitched rides on rail lines in the early 20th century, not only in the US but also in England. At the turn of the century, trailers for leisurely caravanning has risen considerably.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks are designated spaces where travelers can park their homes and enjoy electricity and running water. Also, some feature satellite TV, among many other services, for a specified charge. The rates vary from $25-$45 a night and even provide discounts if reserved for a long time. These parks have proper pavements, street lights, small roads, etc., which make them an ideal location for people looking to get away and do their own thing. Furthermore, with recent stats in mind, nearly 20 million Americans use trailer homes for convenience. It can be cheap housing and, on the road, it’s a home away from home.

Popularity in the US

Mobile park homes are most popular with residents from South Carolina. They have the highest percentage of trailer home use. That’s just how they roll, as Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller, stated it. She caused a furor by saying that she belongs to the state where 20% of all South Carolina homes are mobile homes. Due to its image problem, certain states may not easily incline towards it, but it has many advantages. Most states have communities devoted to the amelioration of leisure usage of trailers and other similar experiences.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


With low rental fees, mobile home parks provide almost everything that a traditional home would, including water, sewers, garbage collection, and recycling. It doesn’t require paying taxes, and each trailer parked has its own nominated space for dwelling. With minimal maintenance, trailer owners don’t need to worry about the exhaustive search for repairs as there are qualified technicians across the US. Plus, one doesn’t have to trim trees nor mow the lawn as it’s taken care of. Parks usually allow pets so residents can bring their furry friends along for the ride.

The locations are customarily scenic and breathtaking, and the outdoors does wonder for the mind. Without worrying about upgrading, mobile home parks allow you to do anything you want with your home, unlike some gated posh residential societies. It has ponds, parks, and even lakes, making it ideal for many on a leisure hunt. Complete with gyms, pools, and even organized community events, it is a booming concept. We will see more and more of these supported by entrepreneurs as thousands can avail themselves of this form of cheap housing.

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