What Kind of Investment Should You Start With?

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The logic is straightforward. If you’re skilled at saving money, the next logical step is to put your money to work for you and expand it. Otherwise, this money’s value will depreciate due to a phenomenon known as “inflation.”

Where to begin?

The reasoning behind this is straightforward. If you’re a good saver, the next logical step is to put your money to work for you and expand it. Otherwise, due to a phenomenon known as “inflation,” this money’s value will decrease.

As you gain experience as an investor, you will most likely open many accounts with various brokers. The most important thing to do at first is to find a reputable company with a user-friendly application. All commissions are plus or minus the same amount. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Avoid leaving your phone number on broker websites until you’ve found the proper one; brokers will bombard you with worse calls than aggressive spammers.

What account to open?

If you are a beginner, open both a brokerage account and IIS at once.

Individual Investment Account (IIS) is a type of personal investment account. It’s not like a brokerage account in that you can’t take money out for the first three years. On the other side, you can put money into it every year and get a 13 percent tax break from them (maximum – from 400 thousand rubles). It is an excellent technique to protect against drawdowns. You will, without a doubt, have them.

Another tax deduction available on IIS is when the owner is exempt from paying income taxes. However, it is usually not profitable for newcomers since few people manage to make profits of more than 13% each year due to a lack of knowledge.

The Ministry of Finance invented IIS to attract more Americans to the casino exchange.

The Ministry of Finance invented IIS solely to entice more Americans to the casino exchange. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

What to buy?

So, investing in putting money into assets to make a profit. In this context, assets refer to stock market securities. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are usually the first investments made.

Other instruments, including futures and options, are more complicated, and they are almost always traded with leverage (a broker’s loan), which is risky.


Initial public offerings (IPOs) are securities corporations sell on a stock exchange. Shareholders can profit from the increase in the value of their stock or from dividends (if the company decides to share profits, this is not necessary).


are securities issued by a government or corporation to borrow money from investors at an interest rate? If we’re talking about America, the denomination is commonly 1$,000. Every year, a specific profit percentage is usually set – just above the bank deposit – as a norm.


are businesses that raise funds from investors to invest in assets that follow a predetermined plan. We usually refer to ETFs (exchange-traded funds), which are securities that are traded on a stock exchange. It is like stock, except that the fund’s shares contain supply from other companies. The Fenix provider, which has the most options, represents the most well-known ETFs in Russia. Large banks, including Sberbank and Tinkoff, have funds as well. VTB, for example, provides funds to its broker’s clients on more favorable terms, such as commission-free purchases. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

How to choose assets?

It is an excellent question. There is no precise recipe here – or at least, no explicit advice from me. I can tell you from personal experience that if you’re looking for the second GameStop, you shouldn’t limit yourself to Reddit thematic branches. In Telegram channels, you shouldn’t rely on “signals” either.

Numerous approaches to identifying an asset include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news analysis, etc. It is best to combine them.

And you’ll have to investigate it if you want to start routinely producing profits that outnumber losses (which you can’t do without).

On Instagram, read specialized publications, verified Telegram channels, and blogs.

It is unnecessary to take courses to learn more about the subject; you may start with free ones offered by brokers. Furthermore, many bloggers participate in free marathons.

I want to highlight that trading at random is a lousy technique that will result in losses. If you’re going to make money, you must first learn about the subject.

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