What is Plagiarism? Two Real Scenarios.

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Plagiarism reflects misconduct, in which an individual intentionally or unintentionally uses someone else’s content without providing him or her an appropriate acknowledgment. For example, plagiarism within an educational institution often occurs when published content is used without properly citing the source. Likewise, in the field of art or media, plagiarism occurs when someone’s work is used without acknowledging the real creator of content or obtaining their consent to use their work. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

There are many cases in which a student or researcher plagiarized their content without having any intention of doing so. Investigators sometimes work efficiently and effectively to eliminate factors that may cause plagiarism but are unable to. Students or writers mostly face this scenario when they copy the whole paragraph instead of a few sentences and inappropriately reference their source. They innocently may not have realized that this falls under the blanket of plagiarism. It is essential for students to take appropriate classes in which they are effectively taught to properly reference someone else’s work. However, plagiarism can become a potential barrier for the creative individual to develop unique content since there will always be the threat of plagiarism. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Scenario One

Jane Goodall, a British-born researcher, ethologist, anthropologist, and primatologist, was accused of plagiarism in 2013. With the help of freelancer Gail Hudson, Goodall has published Seed of Hope. They were then accused of using 12 various passages without giving credit to the original investigator. Jane Goodall had to postpone the publishing process worldwide since she was accused of using the content of another researcher without giving them credit. It was also found that some content was also taken from Wikipedia. Later, the publisher of Seeds of Hope and Goodall consented to extend the date of publishing so they can correct and eliminate the uncertainties from their book. Goodall has a habit of note-taking and, in the process, made an error by not acknowledging researchers.


There are many online portals available that provide an opportunity for investigators to determine if their content is plagiarised. Turnitin is a common and popular software available to help writers check the validity of their content. Writers and investigators of a project have an idea that their investigation has a chance to be plagiarized. Therefore, it is vital for every investigator to proofread their content and provide valid resources and acknowledgments so their content can be free from plagiarism. This process will allow the researcher to produce effective, plagiarism-free work and help them avoid any legal allegation of plagiarism. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Scenario Two

In 2017, Ed Sheeran was accused by Thomas and Harrington, stating that Sheeran has used 39 of the same notes in his song, and those similarities were recognizable amongst their audience. Matt Cardle, the winner of the reality show X-Factor, has also filed a complaint against Ed Sheeran and accused him of copying the same notes of his song, which they have made five years back. Ed Sheeran was allegedly put on a lawsuit of nearly $20 million because of his famous song, The Photograph. Renowned musicologist Dr. Joe believes that this case against Ed Sheeran is simple as many similarities can be found in both songs. This was the second case of plagiarism in which Ed Sheeran was accused. Thomas removed this case of plagiarism after settlements were made between both parties.


It is vital for the investigator or researcher to give proper and justified acknowledgment to the author or researcher whose context or work is used in their investigation. If any researcher is using someone else content, which includes content, charts, pictures, graphs, and tables, without giving them credit, it is called misconduct or plagiarism. It can have negative, severe consequences, including breach of concealment, which may lead the author into legal issues punishable by law.  

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