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In the first quarter of 2019, many self-employed people reviewed their accounting for filing taxes. All income and expenses must fit when accounts are rendered to the Treasury. It would be best to have all your billing in order before possible tax checks. What content is mandatory in an ordinary invoice for its legal and fiscal validity? Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Basic Information in the Ordinary Invoice

The Billing Regulation in Article Six establishes the requirements of the invoices that we detail below. It would be best to remember that having an accounting and billing program contributes to the accurate monitoring of income and expenses.

  • Number and series: The numbering of the invoices within each series will be correlated
  • Expedition date
  • Name and surnames. Full company name, both of whom issued the invoice of both recipients
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF) is attributed by the Spanish Tax Administration or, as the case may be, by another Member State of the European Union. The operation has been performed by the person obliged to issue the invoice
  • Domicile of the obligor to issue invoice and of the recipient of the operations detailed therein
  • Description of the operations, including all the necessary data for the determination of the taxable base of the tax, that is, the total amount of the consideration, corresponding to those and their amount, including the unit price without tax of said operations, as well as any discount or discount that is not included in displayed unit price
  • If applicable, the tax rate of VAT the equivalence surcharge, and the withholding percentage in the IRPF equally, if appropriate, as happens with professionals
  • The date on which the transactions are documented or on which, if applicable, the advance payment has been received, provided it is a date other than the date of issue of the invoice

Do you wonder how to proceed if you are missing some information or have committed some incorrectness? Imagine that you have issued an invoice with the wrong CIF or fiscal address. These errors are not pectate minute precise and require issuing a rectifying invoice with numbering and series different from the original. That rectifying invoice will be the only one valid for the Treasury. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Ordinary Invoices Must Have the Following Considerations

You can’t miss the following information from an average invoice:

  • A unique identification number
  • Contact information, agency name, and address
  • It would help if you had a clear description of the products, services, and charges with the company address and name.
  • The deadline or supply date for the goods or services
  • Invoice date
  • Charge rate
  • Required VAT cost
  • The total amount that you have earned

Invoices for individual traders 

Sole traders must include the following things in their invoices:

  • Add the usable company name and business owner’s name
  • You must give your address to get legal documents if you use your business name.

Invoices for limited companies

Be careful while adding your company, especially if it is limited. It must be complete and accurate, as you will need to write it on the certification of incorporation. If you wish to add your director’s name on invoices, you will have to register all company directors’ names. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Value-added tax invoices

You will use VAT invoices if you and your clients have registered for value-added tax (VAT). But you will need to add extra information as compared to non-VAT invoices.

How Can We Change Already Delivered Invoices? 

Already issued invoices mean your clients have got invoices already. If you find errors in those invoices, you will have multiple options per the mistake standards. You will issue a credit note if you have to higher or lower the original amount mentioned on the invoice. It only happens when you have forgotten to add a discount, or you will have to refund your client for damaged products.

You can automatically add all details and build credit notes directly from the invoice. You will not issue a credit note when you only have to correct some details on the invoices. You can include the details such as your information, client’s data, document contact, etc. But the easiest way is an invoice re-creation with the corrected information or details. You can send a new bill to your client with a note in which you will explain the reason for its re-creation if you need it. You will have to continue the numbering with a unique invoice number. Make sure you do not skip numbers.

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