Tips to Improve Productivity in a Real Estate Agency

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Productivity in any sector is a crucial factor, but it is essential in a real estate company, dependent on market flows and continuous customer acquisition. Therefore, whether our work system works for us, we must constantly worry about innovating in the processes and tools that allow us to attract as many users as possible with the same work team. To achieve this purpose, we must know how to make the most of the work time of each real estate agent without implying that it is overloaded with work. And how can we get it? Download A Free Financial Toolkit


How to increase productivity in a real estate agency


Facilitates team management


On more than one occasion, we are unconcerned about the most vital things because things work, but are the appropriate management processes carried out through the team leaders? Does each staff member know their daily tasks and what you should do every day to improve sales?

Real estate work is not summarized to teach flats and sell them: that must be the final objective of a chain of tasks in which each contribution counts and ads, but it should not take up the bulk of time to teach one floor after another.

Therefore, before filling the agenda of the agents of visits to flats without more, we must first ensure that each appointment is a real sales opportunity and that each member works for this purpose. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


Ensure that each team considers weekly and even daily goals to achieve and have the tools and means to do so. Project management programs such as Trello or RedBooth can be beneficial.


Put technology at your service


Automate whenever you can. That does not mean that you stop counting on the human factor, something key when we talk about selling or renting apartments. Still, precisely that where we can do without a person being in charge, we do it automatically so that the Real estate personnel can dedicate themselves to the most important: serving customers.

Do you know the virtual tour software? It is an excellent example of how technology improves these processes. Through them, customers interested in a home can visit it comfortably from their computers or mobiles without making an appointment for it.

In this way, the virtual tour acts as a filter so that prospective clients can know if they are interested in the property, and the real estate agent would only perform when the interest is sufficient to close a sale.


It has an effective real estate CRM


Having technology but not being able to analyze and manage the information you provide is worthless. Therefore, a real estate CRM is presented as the most effective support tool to improve an agency’s productivity. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

A CRM acts as the axis that allows the proper equipment management to each property’s available information and contact information. It is, therefore, the tool that will enable you to take full advantage of the two points mentioned above.

Thanks to the management of the CRM, I know how much time each employee spends visiting properties and other fundamental sources of information to improve productivity, such as what elements we incorporate into the records of the properties that receive the best visits: those that become clients.


Continuous training

We cannot innovate if we do not incorporate new tools and processes, and for this, we must know how they work. Therefore, we must worry that each staff member will improve their training with specialized courses and be able to find and keep up to date with real estate news to detect changes and developments.

In short, what it is about is that we continually invest in improving services and processes not only to sell more but to work better and, therefore, to have the ability to innovate and always grow.

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