Tips on How to Work More Efficiently

Work More Efficiently - Complete Controller

Every day you strive to increase your company’s profits and reduce costs. But what about yourself? Do you use your human resources optimally? See if you can improve yourself with these twelve tips.

Start each day efficiently

In many cases, you will have more planned for your working days than you could handle. Before you go home, please take a moment to write down the unfinished business and structure them: Start the next working day with manageable ones that You can complete without communicating with others. Then delegate all tasks where possible and applicable. This way, you start with an abundance of completed tasks every day before new requirements interrupt your work rhythm. Exit Advisor

Be on time

As a boss, you should set an example for your employees when it comes to punctuality. For you to succeed, you should block 50 percent of your time for unforeseen appointments and calls. Being on time avoids the temptation to go on too many dates. Make appointments as early as possible in the morning, then the risk that other work prevents you from arriving on time is not so significant. Buffer times between charges help that a single timeout does not affect all appointments during the day.

Use the phone

The telephone is handy as a direct communication tool because you can use it to discuss processes sustainably and then finalize them. Therefore, you should seek telephone contact in the event of problems and always set yourself the goal of achieving the plan without delay (for example, giving instructions or deciding).

Optimize your email communication

Many bosses fail to take advantage of one of the main advantages of email: unlike phone calls, you don’t have to deal with them immediately. So, get in the habit of checking your emails no more than three or four times a day. In this way, you avoid being constantly interrupted in your work. You also educate your employees that urgent matters are no longer sent via email but are brought up immediately by telephone or in-person. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Implement ideas

Do you also belong to that type of boss who has good ideas every day but often cannot implement them? Then you should take care of an automatism: Always carry paper and ballpoint pen with you and write down every idea that comes to you spontaneously. Your assistant should then put your thoughts in a fair copy before each employee meeting and present them. If these seem worth pursuing after a discussion, an employee takes over the implementation. The assistant then checks at regular intervals what has become of it. This way, you prevent promising approaches from fizzling out.

Create an expert network

The corporate world is becoming more complicated, and the pitfalls (for example, labor law) are becoming more and more diverse. Even if you keep yourself updated, you may not know everything. You should, therefore, systematically (and not randomly) develop a network of experts: Write down a list of topics (IT, labor law, contract law, recruitment, etc.) and make a note of the experts you already know. Then gradually try to fill the existing gaps and thus have a competent contact person for every difficult situation.

Works council: cooperation saves time

Arguing on the matter is good and can be efficient. Arguing over atmospheric disturbances is just a waste of time. There are, for example, companies in which the cooperation with the works council runs smoothly and in partnership, and others in which lawyers are involved in every operational measure. If possible, strive for a cooperative collaboration. Therefore, you should inform the works councils early on any planned changes and seek regular discussions. If works councils feel that they are being taken seriously, this usually dampens the desire to fight. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Travel time, I was working time

Time is always a scarce commodity for you. So, save where you can. It would be best if you considered whether you could replace travel with video or conference calls. Service providers such as Deutsche Telekom do this without their technology so that there are no acquisition costs. Also, try to travel so that you can work during it, for example, traveling by train or with a chauffeur. Always take something with you to work when you are out – this way, you can make better use of unforeseen breaks.

Don’t allow desk chaos

You should save yourself time searching for mislaid documents and notes. The first rule to introduce is that nobody can put something on your desk – it must be handed over to you personally to know what is in folders and stacks of paper. As a second rule, you tidy up your desk every evening – this is usually only a few minutes a day, but it saves you a lot more search time during the next working day.

Make your decision right away

Postponed decisions are often not made at all, and the matter takes care of itself – often to the detriment of your company. Therefore, decide on every problem. In the issue in which you make a final decision immediately.

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