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While you may have heard the phrase “content is king,” you may not understand why. The internet is exploding with blog posts, social media content, and information trying to grab your attention. Even if your product itself is high quality and unique, sales will suffer if your marketing content is not appealing. Similarly, we have all seen low-quality products fly off the shelves simply because that company has properly utilized a great marketing campaign with attention-grabbing content on social media. If a company can convince a customer to purchase a product with strategic marketing content, they can boost sales and grab new customers. Here are some helpful tips to consider when creating your brand and marketing strategy.   Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Have a distinct voice  

Try to make your brand voice unique and distinctive so that it will stand out amongst your competitors. Don’t be too formal; rather, treat the customer as a friend. You don’t want to sound robotic and bland.  In social media content and blogs, use humor and interesting facts that are personalized and specific to your brand. Above all, be welcoming and engaging. This will make your customers and possible customers feel more connected to your brand and more interested in what you have.

Think beyond just written words

You don’t need to limit your content just to written words. You can also add appealing pictures, videos, and graphics. You can also include things like quotes, statistics, bullet points, and special offers. Make sure they are all easy to digest and visually attractive because not all people like to read. It is ok to have limited offers here and there as well. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Have an engaging title

Online shoppers are in a hurry and tend to read the title and swipe next. If they do not find it interesting enough, the chances of them making a purchase are slim as they move farther and farther away from your page. The title must stand out and be visually attractive and provoking.

Use emotion words and words that inspire action!


Making your content personal helps it become more real and inviting. This can include real-life stories from your past and anything that will create a strong connection between you and the reader. Again, triggering an emotion is effective in engaging the audience. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Audience involvement

Search ways to involve your audience that include more than just asking them to repost your content.  Act like you are a participant in the whole scenario, not just an observer. For instance, you can initiate a contest so that your followers will regularly visit your site. You can ask them to submit a short paragraph on how they will utilize your product or service. Then you can post the names of the people who participated. Audiences are also responsive when they are asked to be a part of the creative process. For example, “Do Us A Flavor” would challenge the customers to create a new flavor for an ice cream brand.

Stay on top of the latest trends

Keep the current industry trends in mind while introducing something modified and new into it as well.  While your solution or product is unique, it needs to solve a common problem and intrigue a large number of people. Your goal is to become the trendsetter, not the trend-follower.

Have a diverse and talented marketing team

To successfully manage the challenges involved in creating attractive content, you must have an experienced and talented team. It takes a creative mind to produce new and innovative ideas. There should be a balanced group of both writers, researchers, artists, and tech experts.


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