The Top 6 Current Trends in Marketing

Trends in Marketing - Complete Controller

New trends are rolled out in marketing every year as technology and innovation growth and the audiences for products and services change. Those in the marketing industry need to know the trends for the current year and the next year. These marketing professionals also have to keep their fingers on the pulse of the here and now. Here are six marketing trends currently dominating the marketing industry. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Conversational marketing

Across the digital marketing spectrum, conversational marketing may become an industry standard in the current year and be here to stay for years to come. In real-time, such marketing is the best way to attract clients rather than wait for a reply from the targeted audience. You can also experience all this in the live chat support and phone as experts predict conventional marketing will be AI-powered this year.

Advertisement over-the-top (OTT)

According to the major brands, hyper-targeting and integrating associated TV into digital techniques can replace traditional ad purchases. You will have much more return on investment due to traditional TV versus OTT campaign attribution. That’s why experts consider this year the start of a dramatic shift in using this marketing strategy. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Marketing via voice search

Smart speakers or digital home assistance are becoming more and more commonplace. The market is flooded with voice search devices such as Apple’s Homepod, Alexa, Amazon, Echo, Google Dot, etc. These smart devices have made searching far easier and hands-free.

In 2016, around 40% of adults used voice search on a daily average. With time, this technology usage is increasing fast over time and is becoming more intuitive and reliable.  Various brands are increasing their sales by incorporating voice search.

On-go searching ability and voice search have made online search queries have become more specific to a great extent. That’s why people consider targeting long-tail queries as the tip of the iceberg. Natural-language searching for ages as Google has been making its algorithm for the latest search engine page result’s report. Keep an eye on the Hummingbird update and Rankbin announcement to get clues on Google’s work.

Customized marketing

In customized marketing, marketers provide an individualized user experience by targeting each web user or email list subscribers. According to the research of the Salesforce report, around 96% of customers prefer customized marketing relationships for branding. According to Broadridge, Around 80% of people shop more for a product due to customized service or experience. Digitalization transforms marketing trends to boost businesses.

All consumers don’t hesitate to receive a customized experience and submitting their personalized data in return as it increases their privacy and security concerns. Consumer data sharing helps them in gaining customized experience and benefits, including the younger generation.

Various online platforms use customized marketing campaigns such as Netflix, Amazon, Pinterest without mentioning Facebook and Google. In this way, they identify what their clients like or dislike and their search history. Also, customers get suggestions for similar products that you even think to purchase. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Influencer and video marketing

When people talk about video marketing, the first thinking comes in their mind is about YouTube. But multiple social media platforms use video marketing like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Keep your videos on such channels precise, concise, and short.

People love to share, like, and comment on such videos on other social media websites. If your platform’s influencer is famous and their hats in the ring, audience interest in your videos will be more substantial. Industry leaders help your brand name in making progress fast. If you want to know your targeted audience, find their location, and get to work.


This year, there is an excessive demand for information and items, including AI-powered customization, new content kinds, and advanced segmentation. There are other latest technologies that marketers are going to incorporate into their businesses.

In the marketing sector, new technological advances have remarkable potential. Only you must know the correct way to use them for your benefit. There is fierce competition across your industry, as many businesses are fighting. You will need to learn the latest techniques to win the competition and make your business more competitive.

Revise your current marketing strategy and change it as per the requirement of your audience if your branding relies on video and customized marketing. Keep an eye on the latest digital marketing trends to know how to keep your business ahead of the game.

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