The Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting is an IT environment designed to allow consumers to use shared resources over the Internet. Many entrepreneurs and businesses adopt cloud hosting services as it provides several benefits to help manage business activities efficiently.

Cloud hosting allows you to access all applications of your company from anywhere in the world. With the implementation of cloud hosting, businesses have changed how they run their applications and store information. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Instead of using desktop applications to store and access data, everything is now shifted to “cloud,” mainly used for hosting purposes. It is important to know that cloud hosting is not for everyone, so before deciding whether to use cloud services, it is necessary to look at cloud hosting’s pros and cons.

Pros of Cloud Hosting

Computer costs

You don’t need a high-powered and large capacity computer to run cloud-based applications. This is because these applications run inside the cloud, not on the computer. When using a less expensive PC with less memory and a smaller hard disk, one can easily use the cloud as it doesn’t have any hardware or software requirements.

Improved Performance

Only a few programs and limited memory need to run on a PC to use cloud hosting services. As a cloud consumer, you put your computer on a cloud system, then boot, and your computer will run at high- speed because only a few programs are loaded into your computer memory. 

Storage Capacity

The main advantage of using cloud services is that cloud consumers have virtually limitless storage. This storage space can be hundreds of petabytes. This space allows the cloud consumer to store anything they need without limitations. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Data Reliability

In desktop computing, a hard disk crash is enough to delete all vulnerable data of any business. But in the cloud, if your computer crashes, the data will not be affected as it is stored in the cloud and can be reaccessed easily using another computer.

Group Collaboration

Using cloud services will allow cloud consumers to share documents with multiple users at once. It enables several users to collaborate on projects and documents as they are hosted inside the cloud, not on personal computers.

Cons of cloud hosting

Availability of Internet

To use cloud services, it is most important to have a good internet connection as cloud services can never be accessed without the Internet. In simple words, without the Internet, cloud computing won’t work.

Slow Loading Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Whether cloud consumers have a good or poor internet connection, there can be times when web-applications take time to load. This slowdown is because the entire program is sent from your computer to the cloud, and then after completing requests from the cloud consumer, it is sent back to the personal computer. This whole process takes time to complete. As cloud consumer is requesting and in return, the cloud provider is responding to user requests.

Unsecure Data

With cloud hosting, all data is stored on a cloud-based server online that can be subject to hacking and other cybercrime forms. It is necessary to ensure that the cloud is secure. Several unauthorized users somehow manage to gain access to the company’s confidential data if an eye is not kept on who has to access what information.

Lost Data

Stored data in the cloud may not be completely safe as it is replicated on multiple servers. To rely completely on cloud hosting can put the user at risk because data could be lost on a server and be difficult to find.

Any users contemplating using cloud hosting should consider the pros and cons before making any decisions. Undoubtedly, cloud hosting has many advantages to cloud consumers, but it is necessary to consider the risks and do some research before putting your data into the cloud. 

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