5 Ways to Use Your Home Equity Line of Credit

Home Equity Line of Credit - Complete Controller

Owning a home is a dream many people never realize, but for those who do, homeownership is not only satisfying but a great investment. Simply put, home equity is the portion of your home you have paid off. The growth of your home’s value and paying down your mortgage’s principal will grow your home equity. This equity can then be used to get a home equity line of credit (HELOC) and can be used for various needs a homeowner may have.

Credit’s home equity line is a way to borrow a large amount of money with a low-interest rate and be useful in multiple situations. Here are five ways you can use your home equity line of credit instead of a high-interest loan. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Home improvements

Home improvement is likely the number one reason homeowners take out a home equity loan. Renovations can be a costly endeavor, and many homeowners will put off renovations or repairs, which can lead to possible disasters that could be more devastating financially. Whether you are looking to upgrade, add on, or beautify or fix issues such as foundation cracks or an old and broken air conditioner, having a home equity line of credit can be a quick way to get repairs, upgrades, or improvements started.

College costs

Most parents dream of sending their kids to college but oftentimes don’t have the money to do it. While your child may get scholarships, full-ride scholarships are difficult to get, and the alternative to scholarships or grants is for you or your child to obtain a student loan. Rivaling credit card debt, student loan debt is among the top types of personal debt people carry. Many graduates spend years working towards paying off student loans. This is especially true of those whose education goes beyond a four-year degree. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

A home equity loan is perfect to put towards a college education. Simultaneously, it may not cover the entirety of the debt. It can be a low-interest line of credit that will be easier to pay back and minimize the time it takes to pay this debt down.

Debt consolidation

Because the home equity line of credit has a lower interest rate, it is a great way to consolidate your debt. If you have high-interest credit card debt or other loans such as a car loan, using your home equity to roll these high-interest lines of credit into one lower interest payment will give you some relief. Paying off these debts will also improve your credit score.

The only danger is that if you decide to use your credit card while paying down the debt through the home equity line of credit, you could potentially get yourself back into debt and now have two payments. It is suggested you put yourself on credit card restriction until your home equity loan is paid back. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Emergency expenses

Every person at one time or another has had an emergency happen that called for a sum of money you didn’t have built into your budget: sudden car repairs, hot water heater burst, an unexpected medical expense. No matter the emergency, if you don’t have an emergency fund set aside, this can be a financial disaster. Using a home equity line of credit can not only take care of the emergency but can prevent financial devastation due to unexpected financial burdens.

Long-term investments

Many people don’t have the funds to invest in the stock market or real estate. Using a home equity line of credit can be an excellent source to finance long-term investments. This use for the home equity line of credit is the one that has the potential for a great financial pay off for years to come. If you invest well, not only could you potentially have income for years, but you can pay off the loan from the dividends you gain from the investments. If you invest in some rental properties, the payoffs could be a great source of passive income that you have to finance your future.

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