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Starting a business is exciting, but many risks and challenges accompany a new venture. The sustainability of the business is one of those challenges since a company depends on accounting and bookkeeping for its success. Good marketing strategies are essential to the sustainability of a business in large and small markets. A business can be long-lasting if it provides quality products and services and uses specific marketing tactics.

Competitors will overtake the market and take customers if unique and 
effective marketing plans are not developed. Today’s world is challenging, and competition is high, so marketing is an essential and continuous factor in business sustainability.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Sustainable Marketing Tactics for a Start-Up

Energy and investment are consumed when launching products and attracting new customers. However, the focus tends to be on the sales of the products and services instead of marketing.

Sustainable marketing tactics must be used from the beginning of any start-up to ensure a long-lasting and successful business.

Identify and Focus on Your Target Audience

Use various platforms to identify your target audience. You can search for business strategies for other similar projects using social media. You probably know your potential customers, but try to identify them through social media. Also, read the customers’ responses to your product and know about their social belonging.

To get feedback, ask which age group customers fall into, what their financial status is, what their gender is, whether they are a student or working adult, and other brief questions. This allows you to identify your 
potential customers and their demographics.

After identifying your target audience:

  1. Focus on them.
  2. Keep in touch with them.
  3. Always listen to your target audience’s views and reviews.
  4. Develop your product or organize the services according to their expectations.
  5. Broaden your audience once the business is established and grows so you have a larger audience to get responses from.
  6. Focus on all of them.

Your business starts with your customers and ends with them, too.

Use Unique, Creative, and Innovative Marketing Ideas

Promote your offer creatively—no need to bombard messages to consumers to keep reminding them of your products. A creative message or video to advertise your product on social media will be viewed and even liked by many. It will be the word-of-mouth endorsements of friends and family of consumers who like your creative message/video on social media. Keep using innovative ideas for your product’s marketing. For example, a creative video may spread from a small bunch to millions of users on Facebook.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Approach your Customers Whenever Possible

Know when you can connect with your customers. First, understand who your customers are. Where do they hang out on social media, in superstores, or elsewhere? Know how to approach them and make them feel they are your primary focus.

Aim for Repeat Business

 If you give discounts to your customers during holiday seasons or different times of the year, they will return to you again. Think of creative ways to encourage your customers to keep coming back. These ideas should be enticing and beneficial for your customers and not detrimental to business. 

Focus on Existing Customers

When seeking new customers, never forget your existing customers. They are the reason behind your business, and their loyalty will help drive new business.

Stay Up to Date on Start-Up Marketing Trends

Research as much as possible. Find out what is and is not working for other similar companies in your industry.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Listen to Feedback

Always pay attention to potential customers’ social media feedback. Respond to queries from people on social media who want to know about your product. Develop your product to expand and meet customers’ needs.

The Market for the Right Reasons

Never try to promote a product for the wrong reasons or for the benefits it does not provide. You will lose your credibility forever with current customers and hinder expanding your target audience. 

Convert your Visitors into Customers

How responsive you are to your visitors will impact your business. Similarly, your ability to satisfy them with your answers to their questions will leave a good and lasting impression.

You should have a transparent business bookkeeping portfolio. Your company must abide by the laws. Provide your visitors with your achievements that benefit society. For example, your company is child-labor-free, you participate in social services, etc.


Sustainable marketing techniques are essential for a long-lasting business. If marketing is done solely for quick sales and customers’ demands are unmet, the product will eventually lose its market share, and your business will fail. 

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