Is A Cloud-Based CRM System Secure?

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What is a Cloud-Based CRM System?

A cloud-based CRM is a term used to describe a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is hosted on a cloud-based system. A cloud-based system for a CRM is easily accessible by the internet. It’s easier for employees and companies to have access to the database at any time.  As the information is securely located in a cloud, employees and other team members can retrieve customer information anywhere on any registered device.

Decision makers running major companies have apprehensions when it comes to moving their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from an on-site location to a secure cloud-based CRM. The management sees red flags when they think about storing their customer data in the cloud. They cower every time they hear the word “hacking into the database,” or “cyber-attack.” With frequent cyber-attacks and data breaches, company owners wonder how to secure their CRM cloud. Security is a primary concern for companies who are willing to transfer their CRM from on-site to a cloud-based system.

Cloud for your CRM must be Secure

A conventional customer relationship management system or CRM system requires a hefty and pricey software that depends on an entire IT team for the purpose of installation and maintenance of the system.

Transferring from an on-site CRM to a cloud-based service is challenging, but the benefits of the secure cloud-based CRM exceeds its disadvantages. The essential aspect of a CRM cloud is high security. Many companies offer specialized cloud services. When selecting a cloud hosting service, the company must offer a secure cloud to protect your CRM from data theft.

Cloud or On-Site CRM

Having an on-site data center for a CRM is risky compared to a secure cloud-based CRM. Maintaining a high-end IT department can be costly for businesses. Small businesses often lack the necessary resources needed for maintaining such security measures.

In comparison, a cloud-based CRM would cost a significantly lower amount due to economies of scale. This is because cloud hosting providers operate on a massive scale and cater to multiple businesses at a time, which means that they specialize in a particular segment. Due to this, they can lower their costs, making them a cost-effective solution.

Cloud hosting services provide a secure platform for a secure cloud-based CRM. These companies not only assist businesses in securing their customer data, but help provide access to your database from any geographical location. A CRM on a cloud is much better at handling large amounts of data compared to an on-site CRM.

Cloud Security

The most prominent benefit of having a CRM on a cloud is that different encryption methods secure the data. Cloud hosting companies have dedicated security experts who use modern encryption systems to keep the CRM secure.

Company data located at an on-site data center is prone to various cyber threats such as data theft. A virus is another risk to a businesses’ valuable data including confidential customer information. Cyber criminals often engage in practices where they steal important company data to sell on the black market. For competitors, such information can be valuable for sabotaging another company’s image as well as to redirect the customers to their business. In an onsite-CRM, you might not be able to disperse resources for around-the-clock vigilance.

However, in a cloud-based CRM, there are experts deployed to keep data secure and can take immediate action if any threats are detected. These experts use backups to restore the data if the system crashes due to a virus. Therefore, a secure cloud-based CRM is a better option than storing your data on-site

Companies that offer cloud services are professional IT experts; their job is to give you a secure cloud for all your CRM needs. These companies are aware of the latest threats to clouds; they will always have a solution ready when you need it.

How to Have a Secure Cloud-Based CRM

All Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprises offering secure cloud-based CRM services hire IT security experts and maintenance staff of the highest caliber. It’s in their job description to provide data security for your cloud-based CRM to avoid any data breach.

To make sure that the cloud is secure, there are several protocols concerning data and access. To secure your CRM on a cloud, the human factor involved in data breach cannot be ignored. The following factors must be considered when keeping the CRM secure:

  • Have a secure password
  • Keep changing the password every week
  • Limit and record the number of people with access to the cloud

From small firms to large multinational companies, a CRM is a crucial element of their business. Hiring a company that offers maximum security for your CRM is of vital importance. IT companies providing CRM cloud systems are aware of the risks and security breach associated with having a database on a cloud. These security breaches are taken very seriously by the experts.

Back-Up Policies and Data Recovery Plans for CRM Security

Companies providing cloud CRM security have extensive backup plans and follow strict procedures to retrieve lost data if a breach occurs. The advanced and automatized backup policies are helpful in keeping your cloud secure and safe from cyber threats. You can improve your cloud services by using different measures such as using a two-step authentication service and by using stronger passwords.

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