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The holiday season is ending. Hopefully, your battery is charged again, and you can return to work with a fresh look. Because even though it still seems far away, the sprint toward the holidays has started. Would you like to boost your knowledge?


LinkedIn use is still on the rise. But it is a bit complicated when it comes to organic reach. Organizations with few followers still see growth. Still, with larger company pages, the reach decreases, Sebastiaan Nagel and Judith Eversdijk found in their research into LinkedIn company pages at the beginning of this year. It also contains a handy benchmark to measure the success of your page. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Success on LinkedIn

Of course, you are not there with only a strong profile. Marjolein Bongers shares ten essential tips for business success and ten concrete tips for power posts on LinkedIn. Another tip: in our podcast HelloMasters, we spoke to LinkedIn boss Marcel Molenaar about the secrets of the platform.


Whatever you think, TikTok is big. It became the world’s most downloaded app in 2020. In July, the platform became the first non-Facebook-owned, non-gaming app to reach three billion downloads.

In the Netherlands, the app is also one of the fast risers, as we saw in the social media survey for 2021. Both the number of users and the daily use increased enormously. Short-form video is hot. Although… TikTok once consisted of videos of fifteen and then 30 seconds, but since last month, it has also become possible to upload videos for up to 3 minutes. And it is evaluated with videos of 5 minutes (and longer). This logical step brings TikTok closer to the competition from YouTube and Facebook, creating more space for advertisements. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

TikTok for Business

LinkedIn, move over! Are you considering including TikTok in your organization or company’s social media strategy? Then, it is helpful to go through these tips or read up on advertising on TikTok. The platform may also become attractive for recruiters and HR managers if job seekers with the ‘Resumes’ program can pitch their CVs in TikTok videos in the future.


The Feed, Stories, IGTV, Reels, Guides, and Shopping… Kirsten Jassies mentioned it in her trend overview at the end of last year: Instagram has many content types and opportunities to profile yourself. Instagram shopping is unstoppable, but it was time to see if Reels would make it. For the time being, that seems to work, and the function is being developed further to keep up with the competition. Therefore, video is one of the app’s spearheads, and Instagram head Adam Mosseri explained this summer because he said: “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app.”

User-Generated Content

Finally, a reading tip: it is fantastic if fans of your brand express themselves positively about it online. And you want to reuse that user-generated content on your organization’s Instagram account. But can that happen? And how is it? In her article, Charlotte Meindersma shared the rules about sharing content from others on Instagram.


No, with roughly 1.9 billion daily and 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide in the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is still anything but dead. And they do not sit still.

From Social Media to Metaverse

Facebook plans to transform the company into a metaverse—a virtual social network to connect millions of people. You seem to be physically involved with other people in a different place. That may sound surreal and, as Jan Scheele describes it, ‘now mainly a sandbox for nerds and innovators to play in.’ But for those who find it interesting, his article is recommended. Download A Free Financial Toolkit


Amid the tsunami of social media updates, you would almost forget Twitter. And you could also draw your conclusions based on the erratic line in the 2021 social media survey that indicates the use of Twitter in the Netherlands.

But Twitter has other plans. The owner of Twitter wants to double its revenue by the end of 2023 and aims for 315 million daily active users. And so, the platform is no longer just about messages of 280 characters.

Getting Started with Your Social Media Strategy

Of course, trends are significant, and you want to stay relevant. And you experiment with new features and new channels. But not every direction or part will suit or resonate with your company. Moreover, developments follow each other faster than keeping up with your strategy.

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