Radiation Impact on the use of Cellular Phone

The number of cellular phone users is escalating rapidly in the present times. It is estimated that there were about 4.61 billion cell phone users in the world in 2009. However, like any other excessive technological use may have its negative impacts, the high dependency and usage of the technology in the daily lives of the public. There is also a growing concern of the possibility of a link of cellular radiations to cause tumor in human brain cells. There is a growing concern raised over the effect of the radiation over the human health specifically linking it to the brain cells. Numerous studies have been performed to study the impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) on the human tissues, brain cells, immune system, etc.

Electromagnetic Frequency

Two kinds of electromagnetic frequencies are generally emitted from electronic devices, specifically mobile phones. These are the microwave electromagnetic radiations and the radio waves from the antenna of cell phones. The normal frequencies of the EMR and radio waves is observed between 450- 2700 MHz at a high power of 0.1- 2 watts. The low-frequency ranges observed also reveals the fact that cellular devices are not high- powered RF transmitters. Still, these frequencies are supposed to cause a negative impact on the human brain if used long-term and inappropriately.

It should also be noted that cellular devices could only transmit power and resonate energy when they are switched on. Hence, it should be kept in mind that the frequency and amount of energy transmitted are highly dependent upon the quality of the handset used and the distance of the user from the device under observation. It could be considered as an example that during text messaging the distance of the user from the cell phone device is generally 30 cm and consequently the frequency transmitted to the user is not very high.

The electromagnetic radiations can be divided into two types based on their effect, i.e., into ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. It is suggested that non-ionizing radiations can produce potential hazards that could cause an electrical and biological impact. The electromagnetic radiations are generally high-powered and could generate electric current in the place of contact. This electric current may cause an induced voltage in the surrounding areas and could lead to an explosion, if left uncontrolled. On the other hand, at a biological level, the electromagnetic radiations when coming into contact with the human body are capable of creating a strong magnetic field inside the body. As a result, the nerves and muscles in the human body are stimulated and may cause an alteration in the normal biological function of the human body.

Cell Phone Effects

The mobile phone technology consists of two components; one is the provider end, and the other is the user end. On the provider end, there are antennas on the base stations to connect to the users. These base stations are continuously emitting EMR with very strong power, whereas, at the user end the EMR are emitted only during calls, and the power of these radiations is not very strong. However, with increasing demand, the number of towers or base stations are increasing at a very rapid pace, and thus increasing the level of radiations across the country.

Many concerns are also raised about the possible adverse effects that have been caused by electromagnetic radiations in people who live nearby the cell phone base stations. It is suggested that people living in areas near base stations suffer more from symptoms of dizziness, sleep disturbance, tiredness, and headache. The symptoms mentioned above are more common in people, who have a higher exposure to radiations transmitted from nearby base stations. The base stations should be positioned as such to minimize human exposure to radiations.

Associate Tumors

Glioma is a common term, which portrays any form of tumor that develops from the glutinous tissue of the human brain. The age of the individual, the location of the tumor, the symptoms, diagnosis, and the course of the treatment define the case of malignant glioma. The public concern concerning increased usage of mobile phones and cancer associates the risk of causing the glioma and other associated tumors.

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