Marketing with YouTube

From the last couple of years, Cisco was operating to reprogram its routers to handle the video onslaught. By 2017, a minimum of 78% of all internet traffic was in video format. Nearly above half of the web traffic every day, after 5’ o clock is video traffic with Netflix, YouTube and other online video platforms being the key source of online traffic. 

The net is where the video is

The shift towards the video has approached a critical number, a point where everything will switch to additional traffic with all possible ways to speed up the process.

For owners of the online market and offline business, YouTube marketing is a key strategy to take advantage of the massive change towards video. For this reason, it has become essential for the online marketers to study and apply new ways to get help from Digital Organics. Doing so will allow a business to take a huge leap from the others and aid a business in moving forward.

Firstly, have a look as different businesses struggle to build their value on YouTube. A business following the proper tips and tricks will have a position amongst the top-ranked videos. Nowadays, it has become really hard to bring down a video from its top ranking position. Having the position even on the first Google or Bing page is not less than gold.

As a matter of fact, on proper research, it has been found that the organic search results of Google have an average of 34% of clicks. The second page has nearly 20%. The third page has 13%. Simply meaning, the paid and organic results on the first page of Google have a competition over the remaining 16%. Paid results only have 5% traffic which is a condition of not being able to see the result and known as ad blindness.

How to market properly on YouTube?

Pages vs. Channels

Changing the way YouTube pages and channels are viewed is important when it comes to using YouTube strategically. It is now time to consider YouTube as a secondary website with the channel being the homepage and videos being the webpage.

With every video, the strength of the website increases, as every single video tracks back to the channel page. The more influential the YouTube channel is, the higher the rank it has.

Here’s a key thing to remember, the rules of good web design apply in YouTube the same way they apply elsewhere.

To make the channel influential it is necessary to keep the videos exactly according to the channel. Every single niche must have a precise channel for it.

In simple words mixing up the channel with various types of videos on a single channel will result in weakening the specialty of the channel. 

Creating a video

Creating video is generally the very first challenge faced by any newcomer starting a YouTube Channel.

A lot of people are kind of camera shy and don’t find it comfortable to be all over YouTube. The good part is there is no need to be on YouTube and it could be beneficial to not appear in the videos at all. Before getting started with making a video it is important to have a purpose to make the video. A person can follow the list below as a help to getting started:

Building readership for the website

A video is a great way to lead traffic to the original website from YouTube which can result in casual visitors or to direct sales.

To have a lead

Capture the lead by posting a link in the video description showing the visitors “what they can get if they follow the link given below.”

Furthermore, it is crucial to have a record of converted leads from YouTube. Having a visitor with education about the product is worth 10 times a visitor with no product knowledge.

Building the brand of website

A lot of brands follow this exclusive idea, but still, it gets hard to know if a person is getting any value for it, as it cannot be measured.

Making a direct sale

There is nothing wrong with making a call to action in the video description and giving a link which goes directly to a form placing an order. A lot of individuals are benefiting from this technique.

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