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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in governments worldwide telling their people to stay indoors and not participate in any social gatherings. Depending on your location, this order is termed as a lockdown. Part of this order may have required individuals to self-isolate if that person has coronavirus or were exposed to someone with the disease. While social distancing has become a new social norm, businesses suffered due to pandemic restrictions. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

The shutdown and corresponding restrictions have significantly impacted service-based businesses, and automotive services are no exception. Due to their services, automotive services were deemed essential companies, allowing them to remain open during lockdowns. 

Below are key points to consider before bringing your vehicle for repairs and maintenance.

Essential Auto Repair

Most states in the United States issued an order for quarantine or encouraged following specific procedures during the pandemic. Many people must leave home to buy groceries, medications, food, and other necessities. Some people still go to the office, while others have a work-from-home policy from their employers. Whether going to the grocery or to work, most people need their vehicle to operate in optimal condition.

During the pandemic, the auto repair business has become a necessity. Auto repair and maintenance facilities, including dealerships and tire shops, have remained essential for our daily lives. Keeping the orders in mind, these services have adopted different methods to meet your repair needs. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Call Ahead

Even though many services remain operational at this point, auto servicers have likely adjusted their policies according to orders. Many of them have changed their day and work schedules due to smaller staff availability. Some auto shops can close temporarily or at odd times, so call and ensure they are operational before making an appointment. Similarly, dealerships may open their service departments for operation but not sales. Calling the business prior to service appointments will help you maintain your schedule while receiving the service at the right time.

Leave the Vehicle for Repairs

Consider the urgency of your maintenance needs and the ability to continue your daily routine without your vehicle. For example, routine maintenance like an oil change or an engine tune-up is minor maintenance that can subside for some time. On the other hand, significant repairs or replacements are a matter of safety and need prompt action. No matter the level of repair or replacement you need during the order, call your mechanic to see if they can provide you with at-home service. Similarly, leaving your vehicle longer than usual can ensure your repairs are completed within operational hours.

Remember that auto repair and maintenance shops have become essential today, so many service providers remain open. These days, they aim to cater to the needs of the public and justify their importance. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Options Catering to Client Needs

Car repair and maintenance experts determine their importance by offering various service options to clients. These include:

  • Vehicle drop off and pick up facility in designated time slots and days
  • Securing key drop-off at your doorstep to reduce footwork and maximize crowd control
  • You can schedule your appointment and let them pick up your vehicle from your home and deliver it when finished

In many states, car repair facilities have either closed or reduced sales. However, vehicle owners do not need to worry about neglecting car maintenance and repairs. Those who remain operational strive to provide the best quality service to stay in business.

Federal and local governments have defined the essential services of the auto repair industry as a means for emergency needs and orders. They have orders to ensure maximum safety precautions for the staff or any visiting client.


Automotive repair and maintenance facilities have become essential today due to their customized services and client dependence on services. As such, federal and local governments have established their importance and have urged them to provide their services in accordance with regulations.

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