Pros and Cons of Merchant Accounts

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Every trader needs a trading platform. It is impossible to make transactions in the financial markets without it. Different developers offer such platforms. The most popular are Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, and the innovative cTrader. Since progress does not stand still, each of the listed trading terminals also comes in different variations of access to it. Every company that provides clients with Forex trading services in the United States must be a member of the NFA. Disciplinary action ranges in severity from a written warning to a fine of $300,000. Exit Advisor

What is the return on a Merchant Account?

It all depends on how much you want to invest, where, and how long. If you invest money in government bonds, you can earn an income of 4 to 7% per annum in dollars without much risk to your investments. A good result is considered on average if investments in shares bring 9 to 15% per annum in dollars. But losing part of the invested funds due to a fall in the market value of shares is much higher than bonds. There is no ceiling for potential income in investments on the stock exchange; under certain circumstances, you can multiply your investments many times over. But it is important to remember that there is always a risk of losing the invested funds in the stock market and the opportunity to earn.

What Is Overnight on A Brokerage Account?

Overnight is when a broker, with your consent, borrows your securities overnight between two trading sessions or on the weekend. At the same time, he undertakes to return the securities in the morning of the next business day before the resumption of trading. An investor participating in overnight transactions receives a small reward, usually about half percent per annum of the value of his securities at the close of the exchange before overnight. Overnight does not affect the financial result of your main transactions and does not reset the deadlines for obtaining a tax benefit for long-term holding of securities. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Types Of Trading Platforms

There are several ways to open the platform and access your trading accounts. The first option assumes that you go to the broker’s website, open the Download Center section, select the branded platform you like best, and click on the Windows or Mac icon. It will start downloading the installation file to your computer or laptop. Please note that you need to download the app from Google Play or the AppStore for tablets. The stationary version of the platform is only for computers.

Pros Of Merchant Accounts:

  1. The interface is like the desktop version of MetaTrader
  2. The ability to create a new demo account directly on the platform
  3. Turning windows on and off, adding graphic objects
  4. One-click trading
  5. Setting pending orders
  6. Access not only from a computer but also from a tablet and a mobile
  7. Full functionality identical to the desktop version
  8. Access in the browser of any device – including Mac
  9. Market Depth Level 2
  10. Pending orders
  11. 50 pre-installed indicators

Cons Of Merchant Accounts:

  1. Limited functionality
  2. Only a few built-in standard indicators
  3. Can’t load custom indicators
  4. Can’t use an EA
  5. No environment for testing strategies
  6. No sound alerts
  7. Can’t reconfigure the interface
  8. No access to cTrader Automate (advisor/robot trading)
  9. No environment for testing strategies
  10. No sound alerts
  11. You must update your browser to the latest version

What Is a Subaccount and How to Open It?

A sub-account is an additional section of the leading brokerage account where you can account for securities and currencies separately from the main narrative. It is not possible to open a subaccount with risky Investments. It is helpful if you use different strategies and don’t want to mix up the conservative part of your portfolio with the part you are active or risky in. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

What is a Browser Platform?

The web version is another type of trading platform – modern and convenient. You need to follow the link from the same Download Center on the broker’s website. The login and password entry page for your trading account will open. If you started trading on the stationary version of MT4, then in the browser version, you will also see all your current positions and transaction history. The paramount convenience of the web platform is that you are not tied to one device. You can leave home without a laptop, and in the office, from another computer and log in to your trading account via a browser. Opening deals through the tab are as reliable as the stationary, desktop version. Synchronization also works in the opposite direction. You will reflect all changes made to the trading process on your account in the browser in the software on your home computer. By the way, it is not necessary to install software initially for trading with a broker. You can only trade on the web or only on a mobile. If necessary, you can download and connect to the stationary platform at any time.

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