Organize Your Businesses Finances

Organize Your Businesses Finances - Complete Controller

The self-employed do not win the scare. Every quarter, the Treasury knocks on our door, and we must make the corresponding payment. But, in addition, now the declaration of the rent approaches, it is possible that we also must make some payments.

If you fear that the moment will come and the accounts do not come out, pay attention to this post. Today, we are going to teach you how to organize better the finances of your company with these five essential tips: Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Do Not Think About Your Income as if it Were Your Payroll

One mistake in being self-employed is to believe that all the incomes from the bills to the bank account belong to him. However, it would help if you remembered that you are only a mere intermediary of VAT. That money does not belong to you; therefore, you should not use it. Otherwise, when it comes time to return it at the end of the quarter, you will have a big problem.

In addition, the income is subject to IRPF, which you must also discount if you want a clearer idea of ​​the money you have earned.

Separate Personal Accounts from Those of the Company

It is highly likely that you only have one account in the bank or, at the most, two: one daily and one saving. However, to efficiently organize the company’s finances, it is convenient to open three accounts: a personal account, an activity account, and a third for taxes. This way, you will have a more realistic vision of the business and avoid surprises with the Treasury. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

In the tax account, you must enter the VAT and the IRPF that corresponds to you. If you are self-employed by modules, you can plan and know what amounts you will pay. If you pay indirect estimation, the most advisable thing is to transfer the VAT paid to you from the invoices you are issuing directly to this account. You will also have to set aside 15% as income tax. At the end of the quarter, you can direct the tax charge here so that you will have everything in order.

In the personal account, you will include your payroll. That is, the income you get from your activity, fewer taxes and expenses, and the percentage of savings you want to save. Finally, you must enter the business expenses in the activity account (rent, insurance, communication, telephone, etc.). You can save some extra money to make future investments or face unexpected expenses if possible.

Manage Invoices on Time

Try to keep the accounts up to date. It is crucial to invoice the work now you have finished it. It thinks that delaying the emission of the invoice will only contribute to lengthening the collection even more. That can generate liquidity problems in the medium term. Take care!

On the other hand, having updated accounting is the only way to control the money in your account. Remember that even if you have the help of a professional, you must be aware of your funds to manage the business correctly. So you will not make excessive expenses and know to what extent you can invest or not. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Claim the Money that Corresponds to You

And do it as many times as necessary. The self-employed have few mechanisms to defend themselves against delinquency, especially when the amounts are small. Hence, it is crucial to insist again and again until they pay us what they owe us. Do not be ashamed!

Ask for Help When You Need It

If you are going through a complicated situation and lack liquidity, ask for help. Resorting to the bank or borrowing with high interest is only sometimes necessary. First, visit your family and friends, look for subsidies, and delay the possible payments. For example, you can request a postponement of the social security fee or divide the taxes.

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