Marketing Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate agent welcoming young visitors of open house for sale
There is no chance for you to make money on your real estate investment if you do not sell your property, which means attracting potential buyers. Pricing the property accurately is vital but, without any marketing, it can be hard to sell at the desired price. Being a fix and flip investor, your priority is to sell the property as soon as possible and move on to the next one. Marketing is a great source of speeding up this process as you will attract a lot more buyers because of the enhanced reach. Below are some of the tips and tricks that can help you boost property sales.

Marketing for Real Estate

Snap Professional Photos

A picture can tell a story on its own and you can have your property speak for itself. Using your phone camera to take  photographs can turn out to be a bad option. Instead, purchase a digital camera or hire a professional photographer for the job. Being a fix and flip investor, your priority is to sell the property as soon as possible and nothing attracts a buyer more than a beautiful shot of their potential home or office. Ensure that the photos are clear and are taken on a bright, sunny day so that there are no shadows and viewers can see everything clearly. Because you have spent the time and money on this real estate investment, the pictures must be worthy of that energy.

Hiring an Agent

You will need to decide whether you are going to sell the property yourself or hire an agent to do the job for you. In the case that this is your first endeavor, it is better to seek the help of a professional as they are well aware of the marketing and selling aspects of a property. The agent may charge a certain fee but you will gain significant insights of how the process actually works. Assuming yourself as a fix and flip investor, get an agent on board who has a great reputation for successful marketing to other buyers. Without marketing, your investment will only entice a few offers.

Staging the Property

To appeal to the buyers and customers, you must find ways to enhance their interest. One way to do that is staging. Empty rooms tend to make the property look boring. Therefore, placing furniture and decorating the property allows the buyers to envision the feeling of living in the property and helps them to foresee the use of space efficiently. Use simple items such as paintings, lamps, plants, and rugs to offer an enchanting aura and warm vibe to the property. Staging your property will surely boost the chances of a sale. You can use the same decorative items for your next property as well, so it would be just a onetime investment, unless you choose to use a staging company.

Curb Appeal

Another crucial factor that can market the property for you is the curb appeal. Whenever a potential buyer is looking at the photos or visiting the premises, the curb appeal will make a difference. Doing some landscaping to the property by adding a garden with flowers or fixing the damages to the doors and walls can significantly influence the buyer to making a purchase decision. This is something which has no limits and you can add on as many things you want, depending on your budget. Fix and flip investors usually don’t focus much on the curb appeal, however, this is one thing that can really be improved upon. The more creativity you install into it, the better it is for your real estate marketing. 

Give a Detailed Description

Wherever you are listing the property, don’t include just the number of rooms or how spacious the property is. Instead, focus on the value and benefits associated with the property. Besides the photos, your description of the property will have a significant impact on a buyer’s decision. If they see value in your property, they will be more inclined to buy it without you having to make an extra effort.

Virtual Tour

With the advancement of technology, everything is at your convenience now. For fix and flip investors, this is a great asset as it saves them a lot of time. Physical tours have to be planned and scheduled in advance, besides the nuisance of traveling. Everything, from walking through the property to 360-degree panoramic views, is possible by a virtual tour. Your potential buyers will love it and so will you.

Social Media

You cannot really miss the importance of social media when talking about marketing for real estate. With a huge audience, social media platforms are the perfect place for uploading photographs, videos and descriptions of the property and anyone who is interested can view. This is a very effective, low-cost marketing solution for fix and flip investors who are looking to boost their sales.

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