3 Social Networking Strategies To Perform In B2B

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Boost Reputation by Using LinkedIn as a Real Web Showcase

It is necessary to complete all of the fields of your professional page to make your services and activity very clear. You must also publish the URL of your website and integrate the link with your other networks. To generate qualified B2B traffic to your profile, install a “follow the company” button on your website to encourage users to subscribe to the page. It is possible to create the appropriate call-to-action button on the developer space without technical competence and place it on your site. The link is https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Adapt your Animation Strategy to Professional Social Networks

According to the network, the lifetime of publications varies: publishing a post per day on LinkedIn is sufficient (Source: Web Boulevard). To improve the impact of B2B publications, it is necessary to choose the correct information and the right moment to post. To engage your audience more strongly on LinkedIn, it should be published in the day from Tuesday to Thursday.

These are the days when the audience seems the most receptive. It is possible to choose which subscribers to show their publications to by clicking on “Targeted Audience” from the drop-down menu. It would help if you stuck precisely to expectations by defining several messages based on professional audiences defined beforehand. The criteria that help define them are description, size of the company, function, sector, and seniority. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Instantly Reach Professional Network with “Text Ads” and “Sponsored Updates”

It is possible to obtain a conversion rate of 15% thanks to the new LinkedIn sponsored links formats (Source: Athomedia). To do this, develop a new profitable source of B2B prospects by targeting the ad recipients very precisely: a sector of activity, size of the company, position, place, age, sex, etc.

It is then necessary to return to “professional solutions” and then “advertise” to get started. It is possible to choose to sponsor a news item that has already been published or create a complete announcement consisting of an image/video, title, text, and a destination URL.

Get Ahead of Competitors by Appearing at the Top of Google Results with Images of Tweets

68% of searched expressions trigger the display of the universal image search. Google displays up to 12 images in addition to the Google Shopping pod in its results. You can take advantage of extra traffic by adding an image description with up to 420 characters when tweeting. This feature automatically adds a new SEO tag to images that can then be indexed in the Google search engine. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Satisfy B2B Buyers by Making Twitter your New Customer Relationship Tool

You have to use the “switch from public tweet to private conversation” feature to do this. Thus, it is necessary to publish a tweet with a call to action prompting the professional to write the rest of the conversation via private message. To obtain the numerical identifier of your account, display “your Twitter data” in “parameters” to obtain the user identifier registered under the user name.

Increase the Number of Professional Prospects by Detecting them Quickly on Twitter

Use simple tools like search.twitter.com to search by keywords on tweets. This allows you to discover which companies are positioned on the same hashtags. It is also possible to find business customers by analyzing Twitter profiles that search for keywords related to business activity.

Boost your Visibility B2B via Facebook

Social media is in third place in the ranking of the most effective lead generation channels. It is interesting to generate a new category of prospects using inbound marketing on the social network. It is about positioning yourself as an expert on your subject via your Facebook page by answering questions, posting tips, participating in debates, and then redirecting your audience to call to action and forms to generate new leads.

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