How to stay positive when you are broke?

One of the many famous phrases that have caught the attention of people is that “money cannot buy happiness”. Well, this may be an uplifting and an encouraging expression to hear for people who have not experienced real wealth. But for people who have lived a luxurious life and due to some bad financial decisions ended up being broke, nothing can be worse than that for them.

Being broke can be a dead-end for many, and some people even choose to take some extreme steps to overcome the depression imparted on them by being broke. No one likes to live in a hand-to-mouth situation, especially those who have experienced living in total wealth and spent a luxurious lifestyle.

What happens if someone is going through broke-depression? It is a severe condition and in extreme cases might begin to impact a person’s mental health. Having a low socioeconomic status can negatively affect an individual’s personality. Therefore, when broke, people need to stay positive. It is easier to say then to act over it practically, but this is the only way out of this condition. Once poverty depression strikes, it becomes difficult for people to come out of it.

A guide has been prepared for people coping with depression-like symptoms after being broke and looking for relief, which highlights the ways a person can stay positive and feel uplifted when broke!

  1. Acceptance of the Financial Situation:

The first step to overcome the depression phase after ending up broke is to accept it. For a person to accept the reality of being in debt after being a wealthy personality is the very first step in their recovery. This acceptance leads to an individual to cut down the expenses and look at the actual picture. It will make a person feel sad, but it is the right direction, as with acceptance comes clarity.

  1. Read the Stories of Real Personalities:

There are and were many personalities in the world that went through a similar phase. People who once lived the wealthiest lives ended up being broke as a result of bad financial decisions. Nicolas Cage, Mike Tyson, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln and many other famous personalities ended up broke but got back up and earned it all back. Examples like these might work as motivators and help people stay positive at the time of bankruptcy.

  1. Strategize and Plan:

No matter how helpless one may feel after running out of all the money, giving up is not the option. To stay in the game, it is better to stand up as soon as possible. Take this time off as an opportunity to strategize and plan. It is not necessary to make a fancy plan; one may start from a small scale. Keep the plan achievable as small steps help in gaining momentum. A part-time job may help in giving a push to the prepared plan, also, connect with the successful family members or friends to know about the opportunities in the market.

  1. Master at the Art of Networking:

Networking may be a bit difficult for people in this kind of mental state, but it helps to keep the individuals motivated. It might feel overwhelming at the start, but it will be just fine. Being a part of receptions and networking events are low-risk steps but can be highly productive and make way for excellent opportunities. Whenever such events happen, a person must make sure they become a part of it.

  1. Find Happiness in Experiences not Materials:

Often people look for happiness in materials rather than experiences; this is a significant reason why they are exposed to depression. People must look for the moments that please them. Therefore, people must give up their materialistic approach and find happiness in moments and not physical things.

People who have ended up broke may incorporate these tips in their lives, as these will help them stay positive and will prevent them from giving up. Being broke is a significant set back in life and can break a person not only physically but even mentally and spiritually. A guideline like this can help such people get their lives back on track!


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