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Writing is a Privilege

If you have a twinkle of this gratifying art, stop loafing around and give your words a stage already. If you are blessed with the ability to play with words, nobody can stop you from conquering the world; maybe I went too far, like winning the hearts of your readers.

It’s truly a rewarding path. However, there has been a general assertion that ‘Writers are underpaid.’ No, it’s not true anymore. Thanks to the incredible revolution in the digital world, we have witnessed an exponential rise in self-publishing authors. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

In a recent survey, 66% of young adult readers find printed books better. However, we cannot overlook the statistics of 34%. Regardless, both methods have their essence and are fulfilling routes. It depends on your preference. But, for your convenience, we have jotted down both ways and their specific qualities to help you decide which road will work for you.

E-books are friendly, easy to use, and customizable. Moreover, they have the potential to make higher profits and have no gatekeepers to dictate. Most importantly, in traditional publishing, it’s daunting to get your story accepted in the publishing house since they are hunting to invest in authors with a line of success. In self-publishing, you don’t have any barriers in the way. Prepare your book amazingly and share it on the platforms. We will discuss good self-publishing websites later in this article. Also, in eBooks, you have full ownership of royalties and rights.

But, as every coin has another side, from designing to marketing, you are responsible for these factors, which can consume energy and money. Everything falls on your shoulders. Even if you hire a professional for this task, their charges can be expensive.

Nevertheless, as an avid reader, I have always preferred reading in physical form. Why? You can cut off from the world for a couple of hours and escape to another world. The essence of reading a book is unmatched, and no matter how tiring the process of traditional publishing is, the audience still prefers books. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Moreover, everything is handled professionally by the publishing house, even the distribution, from design to marketing. But here, you don’t have authority over anything; the publisher may introduce a different direction or change everything about your book. You can’t control the appearance, price, and often marketing. Furthermore, running your book in the market can take up to a year. However, this route is more prestigious since you can find copies of your babies near a bookstore; that proud moment is indefinable!

However, both routes have their peaks and valleys. The success ratio in either self or traditional publishing is hidden in your content, like what genre you want to publish. It can help you in assessing your target audience. Many genres are hit online but do not make much profit once launched in a book form. It’s a complex matter, but do what you are inclined to.

Additionally, in each path, you need to have an adequate audience. You can’t just put your story into the world without having some fan base. For this, consider making a blog and consistently sharing your content to amass readers who will later invest in your book.

It was a thorough introduction to the writing industry and its requirements. Now, we will explain the ‘process’ to earn ‘more’ money, which is possible in only one way: eBooks.

The writing industry experienced a great revolution when Amazon’s self-publishing leveled its game.

Anybody with an interest in writing can publish a book regardless of experience. First-time authors are greatly encouraged to pursue this path. You can write about any topic, fiction, nonfiction, history, or children’s books. Presently, self-help books are popular. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Other platforms include Kindle, CreateSpace, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. These mediums differ in functionality but offer the privilege to self-publish and potentially profit you around $300 a month. We contacted many self-made authors and asked for their insights. They all responded positively to this independent route that earns them more than $400 monthly.

Now, let’s focus on the focal point. How much can you earn through it?

Unlike traditional publishing, you can receive 40 to 60% of royalties, where you only receive 10 to 15%. Despite the massive profit, editing, designing, formatting, and marketing costs will be charged from your pocket.

The steps to publishing a book online and building a cash machine

  1. Find your genre
  2. Do editing like a professional
  3. Design a beautiful cover
  4. Choose your self-publishing platform
  5. Format your book
  6. Launch it intelligently with complete market research
  7. Sell yourself on social media and build visibility

People look for good content, be it in any form. If they find it interesting, they will be willing to spend money and experience the joy. The phrase ‘quality content always wins’ is applicable here. If your story is compelling and offers readers a valuable lesson to take away, then you are halfway to the path to success. However, remember that there is no shortcut or overnight success in this field, though it may be possible rarely. Consider preparing a book that is engaging, marketable, and has an appealing cover design. Consequently, earn more than $400 per month!

Best wishes!

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