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QuickBooks 2018 has finally arrived! The release of the new QuickBooks for Windows desktop is found to include many new and fresh features along with developments and enhancements of the existing features.

The new QuickBooks brings quite an amount of small improvements that are bound to make your life easier. Users will be excited to know that the characteristic of QuickBooks Enterprise inventory will be present. This blog will provide the main variations and changes that you will find in the new QuickBooks 2018, along with user reviews.

Overview of QuickBooks 2018

Multiple Monitor Support

Intuit has added extra features which makes multiple monitor support much easier. There are three monitors that make the work simpler and faster. The reviews received on this feature showed that some people were very interested in this change and some were disappointed with the implementation. People have also reported that their productivity and efficiency has greatly improved.

We also found that employees ranked the #1 request for multiple monitors from QuickBooks customers.

Search in the Chart of Accounts

Those people that need to work with a lot of accounts will find this feature extremely useful. Although this is an old feature that was used, it has proved to be helpful for many.

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports

Another improvement that is worthy of being noted is the easiness in switching your financial report’s basis. Those that need to use Cash and Accrual more often will find the flip extremely useful and helpful. Those who work their reports on a cash basis and then measure it against the accrual basis reports will find that QuickBooks 2018 is a life changer. Reviews showed that before the release of the new QuickBooks, it wasn’t hard work to switch from an accrual report to cash report, but it sure was annoying.

Past Due Stamp

If one of your jobs is to resend duplicates of past-due invoices to your clients and customers, this QuickBooks 2018 feature will help you in finding those clients that are due in their payments. No one wants to land themselves in a situation where either they are not timely paid or not paid at all. The invoices mentioned “PAST DUE” in red, had to be sent out in the hopes that it would help in speeding up the payments. With the help of QuickBooks 2018, automatically “past due” overdue invoices are added for printing or emailing.

Brand New Keyboard Shortcuts

The new QuickBooks 2018 introduces brand new keyboard shortcuts that are useful in copying and pasting the lines into transactions.

Inventory Report Enhancements

In the previous QuickBooks, you would often be bothered by the fact that you could not modify the inventory reports by change filters or adding columns. Finally, the new QuickBooks 2018 has addressed this issue and now allows these modifications.

Enhanced Order Fulfillment with Mobile Barcode Scanning

The new QuickBooks 2018 will help to modernize and update the workflow by fulfilling open sales orders through “picking” inventory items. The main part required is the skill and capability to deal with remote devices. One of these devices is a barcode scanner. Now, you don’t have to worry about being fastened directly to a laptop or desktop when you scan the items. 

Merge Vendors

This added feature helps in merging four vendors at one time. Reviews show that this feature helps in saving a lot of effort and time for many accounting professionals that have to often work with merging multiple vendor records.

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