Getting your business into the digital era

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly from online sales processes, using various tools that will publicize their products and services and increase their sales.

A few years ago, any company required human interaction to publicize, offer and sell its products or services, today, thanks to the internet, this is not necessarily so. Many customers today look for information on the internet, make fast, efficient and comfortable purchases from home, and avoid the problems that going out to the streets to make a purchase can cause. They can search for all kinds of information, compare prices, ask questions, etc. Everything, without leaving home and from your computer or mobile device.

For this reason, we have compiled 5 tips that will help you take your business to the B2B era, which will help you increase and improve your sales.


  1. Create a Website

Most companies today know that they have to have a website, but many of them do not know why or how to get the most out of it. Your website is the digital representation of your business, a place where you can tell everything about your brand, connect with people interested in your company and make an impressive first impression. Make sure your online presence is strong enough with the following tips:

Less is more. Try to create a simple, clean site, where your customers can find the information they are looking for easily. Develop a good branding strategy. Find that your logo and image correspond to the type of business you do, choose striking content and try to use keywords that help your potential customers find your site easily from a search engine.

Make sure you have customer service options such as a contact sheet, online chat or data that allow your customers to contact you with their questions, concerns or complaints.


  1. Start a Blog

One way to publicize your company, its products or services, as well as to keep users returning to your website, is to create a blog where you share entries on various topics. Not all information should revolve around your products or services, you can include information that relates to your work, breaking news, etc. All this will help to generate a better relationship with your current clients and potential clients, providing them with interesting information that invites them to return to your website frequently and that increases your impact on online search engines.


  1. Use Social Networks

Social networks are the easiest way to publicize your company in the digital universe. Before starting, choose the appropriate social networks for your business and give yourself some time to define to which public or public your communication will be directed. Know what your competition is doing and delve into the language and content that your target audiences consume. Develop specific content for each social network that makes known your company, its history, your products or services, as well as any other useful information for your customers and potential customers.


  1. Invest in Online Advertising

Make use of the advertising options that each social network offers you to obtain better results. Advertising on social networks is very economical compared to advertising in mass media, so that for small amounts you can get successful results. Using Google’s advertising options through AdWords will allow you to choose keywords that will display your business’s information when a user uses it in the search engine. Try to choose specific keywords that send users to certain pages within your website where they can find the information they are looking for.


  1. Enter the Conversation

Digital media are not one-way communication channels, users use them to send messages and receive responses. Take enough time to enter into conversation with those users interested in your company, approach them, ask them questions and listen to their answers.  These dynamics of interaction will generate a better relationship between your business and current customers or potential customers online, which will improve your image and therefore your sales.



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