Everything a Freelancer Needs to Know About Setting Financial Goals

Setting Financial Goals - Complete Controller

In the current economy, it has become necessary to have multiple streams of income. Many people are finding that freelancing is the perfect way to increase their income through side gigs. In some cases, freelancing income becomes enough for them to quit their job and become a full-time freelancer. Freelancing can be a rewarding business, but it can also be a financial roller coaster. Here are finance tips every freelancer should know to set goals and ensure their income is steady and reliable. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

What is the Actual Pay Per Working Hour?

If freelancing is not just a hobby, but the main activity, the income from which makes up most of the monthly budget, then it’s worth finding out the true cost of the work hour. The evaluation of one’s work in a production unit does not give a proper idea of ​​the cost of an hour. 
To do this, keep timing for at least one week. Determine how many hours a person has worked, including communication with the customer, thinking about the concept, approval, and correction of the order. Do not count only on entertainment surfing the Internet, communicating with friends on ICQ, and other pleasant distractions.

How Much Can They Earn in a Month?

From the same timing, a person can conclude the maximum amount a person can earn a month under the current conditions. Financial goals should be assessable and specific. “A lot of cash someday” is an extremely bad goal. Even if a goal is now unrealistic, putting it in front of a person. They will know why they are working so hard and appreciate their working time and themselves as specialists even more. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Increase Your Financial Literacy

The knowledge of new machines-phone models of clothes will not enrich an individual, unlike financial knowledge. If a person makes a good habit of spending a little time, for example, studying the ways of investing and applying the knowledge a person has acquired, they will become richer. Increasing equity, increasing the share of passive income will quickly come to the goal rather than just working. Invest the accumulated money. Their savings should not lie in a three-liter jar in the darkest corner of the kitchen. Develop a suitable program for saving and increasing their savings and follow it.

Use the Internet to the Maximum

Use the financial opportunities that the Internet offers. Evaluate the advantages of Internet banking. The received fee can be spent on payment of utilities and put on deposit and even buy a few shares of blue chips. Look for ways to save money using the Internet: by making an order in an online store, they will save money and time.  It is crucial that you have an online presence and use the internet for growth, marketing, and sales. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Thinking About Pension

No matter how comical this sounds, it is better to think about what it takes only 10-20 years to ensure future prosperity than to complain that the state does not like its retired people that way. Learn the history of American or European pensioners: how much they receive from the state, and how much – thanks to their “investments in the future.”


If a person feels that they do not have time, they do not have enough hands, no time for sleep, and think about how to fix this situation. Take an assistant if part of their work can be delegated. Reversing of pricing policy. Look for an outlet to work was comfortable. Always be aware of average rates. Promptly increase the prices with inflation. Do not allow dumping. Do not try to take quantity. Grow as a professional.

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