Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Benefits of Electronic Invoicing - Complete Controller

Electronic invoicing has eliminated printing, messaging, and storage processes, resulting in a significant cost reduction for businesses and users. An example of this is the cost of sending print an invoice, the time it took to generate it, and finally deliver it to the customer. Nowadays, this process is done in a few seconds through a web portal, tablet, or smartphone and using email or services.

Security and Speed in the Issuance of Vouchers

When you make your electronic invoicing with an authorized PAC, you are hiring the services of a company that meets all the requirements imposed by the SAT in terms of security. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Simplification of Administrative Procedures

Electronic billing systems simplify your administrative processes since you can assign different tasks and register users with additional authorizations. On the other hand, the organization that allows an electronic system will help you store your tax documents and the location of information in them and facilitate the processes of possible internal or external audits.

Improve Customer Service

By having a customer portal, they can process their invoices directly in the system and from the comfort of their homes or offices. Likewise, saving time and money will allow you to better reinvest it in customer service activities.

Reduces Errors in the Process of Generation, Capture, Delivery, and Storage

Because our system uses previously registered databases, you will significantly reduce errors in your tax documents.

Greater Document Control

By having better organization and storage of the information about your products, services, and customers, you will have greater control over the documentation issued by you or your company. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Security Against Fraudulent Activities

Electronic invoicing has developed a secure system. It lessens the possibilities for fraudulent activities or document forgery. Buyers and suppliers issue e-invoices with unrepeatable seals and certificates. Electronic invoices are entirely different from the printed invoice.

Systematic Accuracy

The electronic invoicing solution of SERES, an Automotive Industry Company, guarantees systematic accuracy for the best service. That is why businesses avoid human errors while entering data during documentation, labeling, and classification. 

Increase Efficiency

With an electronic invoicing system, there will no longer be repeated tasks and duplication. It makes the integration process with different documents and files easy and quick. It happens due to the automatic classification method of e-Invoicing. 

Sense of Responsibility

Companies make a commitment to themselves and their employees through electronic invoicing. Environment, suppliers, society, and customers come under this commitment due to its transparency, security, and care of the ambiance. 

Reduce Economic Savings

With e-Invoicing, businesses reduce their material (ink, paper, postage), storage (rental, electricity), and handling expenses. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits There is no need to put in physical effort; it will save time and money. E-invoicing helps you to deliver 60% to 80% price savings.

Enhance Management Expenses

There is constant pressure on companies to decrease costs. Companies with a controlled labor force, client service, and product development always try eliminating waste or inefficiency. Price management programs can track waste, abuse, and fraud sources. They make it possible by aggregating data from buying, contracts, and AP systems into a data warehouse. With all of them, you can analyze price-saving opportunities. You can take its examples like maverick reduction and off-contract purchasing. The last one includes canceling unused services and consolidating expenditures with minimum suppliers. Cost management provides insights that can diminish prices by 2% to 10%, including travel, telecommunications, utilities, and legal expenses. With cost management programs, you can receive e-invoices from suppliers. 

Self-Service of the Vendor

The most expensive way of invoice processing is to manage call centers for vendor support and inquiries about their payment activities. After payment collection, the AR team and supplier call the buyer for invoice approval and receipt confirmation—the supplier inquires about the actual payment date after getting consent. Significant duration and expenditures sustain when purchasers respond to the vendor’s calls and look for the invoice status. It would be best to use a portal for the electronic program as it builds the ability to check vendor approval processing or planned payment status.

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