9 Practical Tips to Improve Your Leadership

The market is flooded with information and methodologies about leadership, such as the texts of Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, and Cyril Levicki. Three authors who have been good references to improve team management. Some lessons that obtained from them are:

1. Confidence: The first step to go from boss to leader is to have confidence in your work team. When forming a successful team, you must remember to be a friend without falling into excesses of camaraderie. Going out to eat to celebrate occasions, playing a sport together, or cordially coexisting does not diminish your authority or respect. But remember to put limits on these interactions. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

2. Respect: Treat your people how you want to be treated, never use profanity when addressing your team members. Call them by name and avoid using nicknames or making fun of your team members or collaborators within the company. Be careful not to make groups isolating individual members of your team. A group is an entity with a life of its own, and each employee is an integral part of it. Develop a psychological contract that includes rules of participation.

3. Communication: Do not forget that this is one of the main competences of leadership. Avoid talking behind the back of your collaborators, do not triangle the information, and do not give orders through third parties as this is not healthy for the good development of the team. Make sure your communication is always clear, precise, and fluid. Check to make sure that what you are communicating is transmitted as you want and that your collaborators to receive it. Keep your communication goal clear and oriented towards immediate action.

4. Definition of goals: Be clear on your individual goals, avoid repeating what your superiors say, make yours the general goals, and indicate in writing what you expect from your department. Define the difference between a strategy and an action plan, and state start and end dates to your team members and collaborators. Above all, communicate the progress that measures and informs results regularly. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

5. Delegate: Do not try to do everything yourself, remember that the sum of the talents of each team member will give you a better result in the collective. Learn to appoint a group leader. This will help you to let go and have defined roles. In this way, you will teach self-management and leadership to your team members and collaborators.

6. Training: Leaders who do not train their staff because they worry, they will use the training to go to another company, do a disservice to their team members. You must have a strong training plan, clear job expectations, and make your processes well-defined. A successful training program will make sure each individual is productive and will identify where they can be best utilized in the company.

7. Initiative and creativity: Be original and have the ability to change 180 degrees when problems arise. Take the initiative and the first steps towards change as needed and never limit your team. Encourage them to be creative, take initiative, and be proactive in promoting solutions and productivity. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

8. Commitment: You should help your team align with your values as a leader as well as the values of the company. Commitment should be born from example and expected from each of your team members. Strong commitment will lead to successful team results and encourage productivity.

9. Not only manage: Leave behind your role as administrator and become a leader, stop managing, and start creating; do not keep processes, develop them. Do not control, inspire, and give confidence. Do not go with the status quo; challenge it.

True leadership is more than being a boss. These tips will help you to be a strong and successful leader that is respected and encourages growth and production.

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