6 Unexpected Ways to Use Social Media

Ways to use Social Media - Complete Controller

Social media has become an integral part of the daily routines of millions around the world. Next time you log in to your social media account, think about exploring things, and you will likely find some fantastic benefits of the platform. Many social media platforms are indeed designed with many uses in mind besides the social aspect.

They are well thought of and have a pool of engineers working on it for months years. Take Facebook as an example. How many years did Mark Zuckerberg and the team take to launch the beta version of the platform? Twitter took a similar path and took years to mature. In short, the social media platform of your choice has some surprises for its users. Here are six unexpected ways you can use social media. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Booking an appointment

It is incredible how social media is becoming a must-have in our lives. Booking an appointment for your doctor is something new and unexpected. You will not find many social media users reserving an appointment with a physician.

The trend is changing fast, and approximately 26% of users in the U.S are now booking appointments through social media. Social media is helping users in learning new ways of doing things they never thought were possible. You can look up information on the medical condition you may be experiencing and know about it in detail.

Leadership ideas

One of the most amazing things about social media is that it helps users regardless of where they come from. For instance, an entrepreneur will get as much information from social media as a novice. The same goes for leaders and managers. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Lookup for top-rated content on management and leadership to gain firsthand knowledge of leadership. Do this often, and you will find helpful content on many platforms. Often, these are written and shared by managers and leaders themselves.

Surprisingly cost-efficient

To say that social media platforms are a marketer’s dream would be an understatement. They have an incredible reach and are surprisingly cost-effective. Marketers can use these platforms in many ways for promoting services and products for free.

The cost of running paid campaigns on social media is surprisingly less when compared to other forms of media. You can make a side-by-side comparison of both and see the difference. When it comes to price/performance ratio, social media platforms win hands down.  

Customer satisfaction and engagement

One of the notable pros of social media is that it makes customer engagement so much easier. Marketers and salespersons can engage one on one with customers and ask for feedback on a campaign.

Customers value personal engagement and would love to be responded to by a person compared to an automated response. You can show customers your attentiveness by responding personally to every comment. This responsiveness will give your business better brand awareness and excellent feedback. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Managing disasters

Social media has proven its worth for disaster management and continues to do so. It has been used in many countries across the world for this purpose. Subscribers get updates and alerts through social media apps. Some apps show hourly updates, while others are updated every six, twelve, and twenty-four hours. These alerts have proven handy as they’ve helped save lives across the world.

Tracking and alerting of pandemic

Social media has played a pivotal role in managing the spread of diseases and during a pandemic. Many users get regular updates and news on the status of Covid-19. These alerts help people and the government alike. The effectiveness of social media for pandemic control is undeniable and has helped governments track and segregate pandemic intensive areas.

Tracking of the disease has also helped in forcing smart lockdown in places where necessary. This tracking helped in reducing and removing the impact of the disease in some countries. Social media platforms are adding more features to make their apps easier to use.

In addition, social media users now enjoy other benefits such as crime prevention as well. This feature is area-dependent for now but keeping its usefulness in view, and it will become a standard feature soon.

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