4 Common Information Technology Issues and How to Solve Them

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Do things in seconds and minutes with the help of technology that would require weeks a few years back. IT has its shares of pros and cons, and not everything is fun about it. On the one hand, the world is forthcoming to new technologies and concepts it is making possible, but there are concerns about technology use.

Where will the race for technology lead us, and will we ever be able to tame it? Nobody knows, but one thing is sure, technology has its share of issues. In other words, every piece of technology has its ups and downs, and some have issues associated with them. Here are four common information technology issues and how to solve them. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Concerns about privacy

There is no question about the uses of technology, but what about the concerns it brings? Nobody will use technology if it puts one’s data and privacy in jeopardy. We have seen users losing their privacy to hackers and other online threats many a time.

It is not a coincidence as it reoccurs over and over. Every computer, smartphone, or online device is somehow vulnerable to these threats. The question is – why is it that those accessing the internet and connected online must suffer? The problem with being online is that you compromise your data and privacy to hackers and data thieves. There are other types of threats such as viruses, worms, and network vulnerabilities that harm computers.

Data theft issue

Corporations and significant data users, despite installing million-dollar security solutions, also suffer from these threats. There is no definitive solution to this issue to date, and we might not see one in the coming years. Moving a humongous amount of data from one place to another is a daily thing. Tracking this much data and ensuring its safety is indeed a challenge.

Corporations are taking precautions, and yet there are concerns about data privacy. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers Compromising data is as good as suffering millions in losses. No company, no matter small or big, can afford that regularly. Ethical issues concerning technology are the need of the hour.

Social media issue

it is claimed that approximately one-third of the world’s population uses social media. It can be said that social media will continue to expand in the future as well. Like other forms of tech, social media also comes with its share of issues. Perhaps the biggest of all is related to privacy.

A person who logs in and doesn’t log out for hours, days or weeks, is vulnerable to hackers and data thieves. Strangely, users, despite knowing this, stay logged in for an extended period. This not only compromises their privacy but turns them vulnerable to hackers as well. Such accounts get hacked sooner or later. It is equally unfortunate that social media sites offer no protection to their privacy and data protection.

Equally alarming is how easy it is for minors to access prohibited data. Sites that have adult and prohibited data on them are accessible to all users. All these sites do is ask users to check the box that they are over 18. Parents must not allow underage children to use social media, or they should keep an eye on their activities. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sending personal data using workplace system

If you send emails from your workplace computer to your email, is it allowed, and will your employer be concerned? These emails are dispatched to your private email, so do they become private? Why should this be a concern? Because this was not a concern twenty years back, but it is today, and it is a case in the Supreme Court.

Is there a solution?

As technology grows, so do the threats and vulnerabilities. Despite protection, encryption, and safety inbuilt and added into it, threats are always looming around. This raises the question – will the race between technology ever handle risks and concerns with it? The ethical issue is far from over. Solutions like Technoethics are a step in the right direction.

Though a relatively new concept, Technoethic concerns helping corporations and employees focus on the ethical aspects of technology. It is debating the use of existing technology without compromising data and privacy. The focus is creating possibilities to use technology safely with confidence.

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