5 Ways to be Thrifty and Boost Your Savings

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We often hear about the importance of saving and getting advice on investing to contribute to your company’s 401(k). Though all of the professional advice is important, there are other ways you can save money that no financial advisor will suggest. Saving money by being thrifty is easy and can, in some cases, be fun because it involves shopping. Here are five ways to be thrifty and boost your savings. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Shop Second Hand for Clothing

Most clothing snobs would never consider buying clothing second-hand, and maybe they can afford to pay full price for new clothing as needed. But every fashionista on a budget will tell you that you can get amazing clothing that looks new and cost you pennies on the dollar. When you are in a clothing shopping mood or need an outfit for a specific event, it’s time to hit the ATM and map out yard sales and swing into thrift stores as you go. This type of second-hand clothing shopping can net some name brand clothing or clothing that, in some cases, was never worn before given up at deeply discounted prices. Often daily thrift stores will have additional savings for certain clothing types or tag colors. You can walk out with brand new, name brand clothing in some cases for less than a dollar.

You may not always find what you are looking for if you have a specific need, but you can find exactly what you need or a better choice in many cases. Not to mention hunting for the perfect bargain outfit can be a fun process. Yard sales often offer a similar treasure trove of great clothing for deeply discounted prices. However, yard sales don’t offer a wide variety of sizes, like a thrift store. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Used Furniture

You can shop online or through apps that offer used furniture for a steal. Often the furniture is in great shape for a fraction of the cost. If items are in rough shape, you can generally refurbish or repurpose them for minimal cost and have a great new piece. You can also find great used furniture while you are clothing shopping at the thrift store. Thrift stores have various used items and can be a one-stop shopping experience that will have you fulfilling a variety of needs or wants for a fraction of the cost for new items.

Pawn Shop Treasures

If you have never stepped foot in a pawn shop, you miss out on amazing used items for deep discounts. While you are purchasing everything from electronics to jewelry as is, pawnshops will allow you to try items to make sure they work before you walk out the door. In some cases, if you are good at fixing things, you can get items in need of repair for an extremely low cost. Do yourself a favor and go check out the nearest pawn shop as soon as possible; you will be addicted to the savings and amazing items you leave to take home. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Sales are not a surprise on this thrifty list, but sometimes we need reminding that we should hit up sales as much as possible. It is not suggested you hit up sales for the sake of the sale, but if you need the sale fulfills, you shouldn’t pay full price for that need. The idea behind being thrifty is that you fulfill your needs or wants the least expensive way possible. If you only need one item, take a friend with you to a buy one get one sale and split the total cost for your two items. Being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the enjoyment of shopping. You may even find the challenge of how much you can get for the least amount of fun.


Coupons can save you a few dollars on every shopping trip, but if you become a professional couponer, you can end up with many free items that you can save for future use or donate. Many who dedicate themselves to professional level couponing say it is fun and exciting to see how little they pay for many items. Some are so strategic they walk out of the store with multiple baskets of items, having spent less than $100. If you don’t have that kind of dedication, don’t worry. You can still save a lot by using coupons on items you were already purchasing. Many stores have apps that allow you to electronically clip coupons is an easy way to save that can add up.

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