4 Great Tips for Social Media Recruitment to Help Your Small Business with Hiring the BEST!

Social Media Recruitment - Complete Controller

Small businesses have different short and long-term goals than larger businesses. The main reason for this is that they have fewer resources and less time for recruitment. Small businesses have difficulty finding and hiring potential candidates because they lack the top larger businesses for recruitment. The hiring process is often difficult and can be expensive when looking to recruit top talent and fill out your business needs with high-quality candidates, making it difficult for small businesses to compete with larger companies. Here four great tips for social media recruitment to help your small business hire the best candidates. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Share Your Business on Social Media

In today’s advanced technology world, many businesses, large and small, utilize what is referred to as social recruiting. This type of recruitment is done by either using different social network platforms or by employee referrals. Social recruitment gives several advantages to small businesses. The advantages are connecting to potential employees, expanding the hiring pool, and understanding the candidate’s personality.

Business recruitment depends on how the business engages with existing and potential employees and well-established social media strategy. Your business needs to post updates regularly with ongoing interaction, specifically engaging your social media followers.

Current employees can also use their social media platforms to attract and refer potential strong candidates among their friends and followers. You can even offer your employees incentives for referral recruitment if their efforts result in a candidate’s hiring and retention. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Post a Thorough Job Description

No matter the platform you use to advertise your job opportunity, it is essential that you provide a thorough job description. You should get assurances that the business goals are clear and concise, but robustly you should layout the job description and requirements through concise bullet-points. It is proven that those businesses, regardless of size, attract more qualified potential candidates because the job description was clear and the expectations were well laid out. The job description can also provide the opportunity to see how the candidate submits their qualifications. The job description will allow them to tailor their resume or cover letter to the job.

Candidate Selection

Social media is not only used for advertising the organization’s vacancy, but it can also be used to screen applicants. Whenever a candidate’s application is assessed, the organization must review its skills with their personal qualities and previous experiences. But this approach doesn’t allow an organization to assess candidates as per behavioral values. This is the point where social media can play an important recruitment role. Reviewing candidates’ social media profiles, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, will help your business know more about the candidate. This includes the applicant’s interests, hobbies, and behavior as gathered through the information they are posting on social platforms and the type of content they put out or engage in.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Widening the Talent Pool

Social media can attract candidates, but it can expand the talent pool by widening a small business’s reach to potential future employees. Most small businesses can’t attract high-quality candidates without great expense to compete with larger businesses. Social media levels the playing field. Because a strong social media presence doesn’t cost a lot, if anything, and it is not dependent on the business size and budget, any business can attract or find great candidates and have a larger talent pool from which to select.


Small businesses should be able to find and hire the best candidates regardless of their business size. To be competitive with larger businesses for the best employees without astronomical costs, small businesses must use social media recruitment. Using these tips will help your small business thrive with top talent staff to support it.

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