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As an entrepreneur, you do most or even everything yourself, which makes it so nice that you understand your bookkeeping program inside and out. You cannot do bookkeeping easily if you do not understand the parts of the program.

You must be able to understand what you are doing anytime, anywhere. And only a few programs are capable of providing that accessibility.

Below is the only overview you will ever need as it provides the most accessible accounting programs of the moment. These programs are capable of everything you could ever need from an easy program.

Your bookkeeping becomes easier because you can pleasantly manage your books. And that will also make your life as an entrepreneur easier. Read on for the entire top five! LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Easiest accounting program: Reeleezee

Reeleezee says it all with the name: Easy bookkeeping. As easy as Reeleezee is as an accounting program, it is not in the top three. And that is because it is a young player who has the right intentions but is not there yet.

Would I recommend Reeleezee right away? No, the other players in my top five are too good for that. No accounting program insists on the most accessible aspect that you would expect the absolute best from Reeleezee. Unfortunately, that is not the case, which causes some disappointment when I dive deeper into the accounting program.

In addition, Reeleezee is pricey compared to some alternatives. If you want to be able to book properly, you will lose at least $25 per month. And that is absurd for what you get. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Easiest accounting program: DigiBTW

DigiBTW manages all this a lot better. Although DigiBTW is not a very extensive accounting program, which you do not expect from this, it is a lot more for your money than Reeleezee.

What DigiBTW does well is that it is just incredibly easy. Super simple and super affordable, according to DigiBTW. And with € 10 per month, you really cannot complain. For this, you get a user-friendly accounting program that has no limitations. So, you get access to all functions of the program. You can count on the support of this company if you are unable to find a solution.

DigiVAT is a great stepping stone for those who want to be able to book easily and quickly. Not the most professional program, but a more than deserved fourth place. Especially for that $10 a month.

Easiest accounting program: Red tape

Rompslomp has scored several times in the top three of my most popular accounting lists this year. In my overview of accounting programs with the best value for money, it even has a top ranking. Not a deficient performance for a program that has only been around for some time. For now, Rompslomp is simply worth a top three listing. However, it would not surprise me if Rompslomp also ranks higher here within a year.

Red tape wants to make bookkeeping as pleasant as possible. It does this for as many branches as possible, whether that is the construction or design sector. Everything is kept simple so that you can easily find your way in the accounting program. This is for a very reasonable price of $10 per month. And if you want to do it entirely cheaply, you can opt for the free package. This package is equipped with a surprising number of functions that you do not have to pay for. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Easiest accounting program: Moneybird

Moneybird is, according to the latest figures, the most popular accounting program among sole traders. Entrepreneurs know where to find Moneybird because Moneybird is recommended first in many large Facebook groups. And Moneybird does not owe that to the fun name.

Everyone can use this accounting program. As a beginner, you can easily explore the accounting program by means of balloons, extensive manuals, and FAQs. An explanation can be read for each function so that you subconsciously learn how parts work. This strengthens your knowledge of the accounting program and accounting in general—quite an achievement from Moneybird.

Easiest Accounting Program: Tellow

Tellow shows that it can be done more beautifully and easier. After using Moneybird for the first time in 2015, I never expected that in 2020 there would be a more straightforward accounting program. Tellow has proven otherwise. Everything you would like to see from a sole proprietorship accounting program can be found in Tellow. Functions are excellently developed and beautifully and user-friendly designed.

If Moneybird is the obvious choice for Windows, surely Tellow must be for Apple. Everything feels intuitive and natural. This allows you to float through the functions, as it were, and your accounting is done in no time! 

The main reason Tellow earns the label of easiest accounting program is that it helps you with everything. Every aspect of your accounting is taken care of by Tellow. Without you distancing yourself from your accounting. You take every step yourself. This gives you complete control without investing a lot of time and energy in your accounting.

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