5 Profitable Startup Businesses with Great Growth Potential

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For the past several months, the whole world has been confined. Job loss has evolved in different ways and, and although it seems contradictory, this situation has encouraged many people to create their own business future. The lack of opportunities and the coronavirus’s alarming effect has caused many to reinvent themselves.

Maybe you also want to try your luck and start a new business venture. Check out these five profitable startup business ideas for the coming year that respond to market trends so you can have a vision of the sectors with the greatest growth potential. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Home Delivery Services

The first profitable business is home food delivery services, a lifestyle that has been highlighted since Covid-19 hit our shores. It is the answer to the dynamics of work and rhythm of life that has been created, especially in large cities, in the last decade. However, the coronavirus’s arrival has forced restaurant businesses to have home delivery and collection services on site. Until now, it has been the only way they have had to survive. On the other hand, many localization apps, search engines, and businesses’ digitization have been key to adapting their businesses during the time of confinement and the new normal. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Logistics and Supply Chain

According to Nielsen consultancy, online purchases have increased by 86% and have reached one million households. There has also been an increase in demand for e-commerce companies such as Amazon, which has already announced that it will hire 100,000 more workers in the United States due to increased orders. Opportunities to do profitable businesses such as 5G, IoT, blockchain, and robotics have also been identified to help link multiple buyers with multiple suppliers reliably through a ‘mesh’ of supply chains.

Selling ​​Second-Hand Items

The key to selling second-hand items is to accumulate a stock of sellable items. Do not accept any item that cannot easily be sold as displaying unsellable items can scare your customers away. For example: if a customer goes into a second-hand store thinking about buying television and sees a row of televisions from the year their mother was born, that can be a turn-off. Ensure all stock on your floor is sellable and remove any items that could detract from sales on other items.  

Though this type of business can be profitable, there are issues with security and illegal activities. This business can easily allow stolen products to be resold. To avoid this, a protocol needs to be established. When you buy an item from someone, try to ensure it is not stolen and if you discover it is stolen, report it to the police immediately. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Owning a Franchise Business

Having a franchise is a step with a little less risk since you have the advantage of opening a business that already has a reputation. It is easier to start generating sales and profits quickly. Also, to buy a brand, it is unnecessary to make an excessive investment at the beginning of the business. There are different alternatives to finance yourself, and, most importantly, in many cases, the brand provides you with an initial capital. On the other hand, the clearest disadvantage is that you do not have total freedom in organizing the business; There will be some guidelines that the brand in question asks you to follow, especially concerning the company’s image. Keep reading more about profitable businesses.

Legal Consultation

Another sector that is growing a lot is Legal Tech, and that is why it deserves a position on our list of profitable businesses for the coming year. Due to the number of digital companies growing at an unstoppable rate, they need technologies, software, and legal advice services.

If you are specialized in the legal sector, one of your opportunities is as a digital legal advisor. There are also opportunities to help companies deal with issues such as the Right to be forgotten on the Internet, communications, or data processing. Other more general ones include civil and commercial contracts, general conditions, company formation, or legal aspects.

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