5 Money-Making Small Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $100

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Now more than ever, people are looking to start their own small businesses. Entrepreneurs may have the desire but not the money to start a business. This lack of funding should not deter anyone wanting to start their own small business. Here are five great money-making small businesses that you can start for less than $100. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Blogging:

Blogging is a business that can be easily started and usually for less than $50, depending on what measures you take at startup. There are multiple ways that you can earn money from being a blogger.

  • You can earn money advertising
  • You can earn money selling digital products such as e-books
  • You can earn money with affiliate links
  • You can earn money cross-linking to other monetized sites

The main cost to start a blog is getting your domain name and setting up web hosting. In most cases, there are sites where you can build free websites that look amazing. But if you don’t feel confident in creating your site, there may be some additional cost if you hire someone to build your website. Not only is the cost low to start a blog, but if you already have the money to pay for your domain and hosting, you can get started immediately. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Consulting:

Consulting is another business that you can start almost immediately. Most people who have been in the workforce or have received an education or degree can say that they are an expert somehow. Those looking to start their own small business can use this education, degree, or experience to become a consultant, otherwise known as an expert.

Because consulting is usually considered a highly professional job, it will be necessary to invest in appearances. You’ll need to invest in sharp-looking business cards and clothing. You will also need a professional level website. For the business cards and the wardrobe, you should be able to keep your cost fairly low if you shop around. Again, the website can be done for free, and purchasing the domain name and hosting is fairly inexpensive. You may also need to invest a bit of money in advertising or marketing; however, there are free to very low-cost sites you can advertise your business. You can also use your social media platforms to promote your consulting business.

  1. Freelance Writer:

Becoming a freelance writer requires only one thing that you are an excellent writer. Beyond that, the money needed to start your own freelance writing business can be little to nothing. You should have samples of your work, and if you are not already published, you should create work to use as examples for potential clients.

If any, the costs will be inputting yourself on various websites that help you promote your writing business. You can also use social media and free to low cost classified ad sites. Freelance writers don’t even require to have a website to get business. However, it would only boost your business to have a website, which can be done for free on multiple platforms. If you have the skills as a writer, you can start immediately with little to no money. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Event planner:

Event planning is another business that can be started fairly quickly. To start an event planning business, you will need to get a website that can be done for free and purchase your domain name and web hosting. You will also need to do some marketing level; however, you can use social media and free to little cost marketing avenues. An event planner may need to start small if you don’t have any experience putting together a larger event. However, if you have planned larger events in previous work environments, you may jump right into larger event planning.

The advantage of starting an event planning business is they are paying you to put everything together, but they are also paying for the expenses, so there is no overhead to get started. To get yourself some events under your belt, you can offer to plan events for friends or family for little or no fee. This will give you references and experience.

  1. Professional Organizer:

Starting a business as a professional organizer can be profitable and cost little to no money to start. People often need help purging and organizing their home or office due to a lack of time or energy to get it done. If you are great at organizing, you will need to run ads, which can be done for free or little cost, and use social media. You can also create flyers to use in your area to inform people of your services. Having a website may be helpful but would not be necessary to start the business or maintain it.

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