5 Free Tools to Help You Gain Financial Control

Gain Financial Control - Complete Controller

It is no secret to anyone that financial issues are present in our day-to-day life, especially because we are always thinking about how we can improve them. Although there is no agreement on what it means to improve them, it may be to spend less, increase your income, buy at a lower price, or many other ways. One true thing is that there are financial tools that can help you achieve resolutions.

There are technological tools designed for these purposes, such as facilitating savings to obtain profitability or effectively manage your money. Whatever your financial needs are, you should take full advantage of these technological tools. And your smartphone or other devices are your access point for these financial tools to be right at your fingertips through applications designed specifically for financial purposes. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

While many applications you can choose from that were created to be financial tools to help users control their finances, some may cost you a one time purchase, monthly subscription fees, or in-app purchases to fully use the features. While many of these paid applications are excellent, here are five free apps to help you gain financial control.


iGasto is an excellent application that has the advantage of being one of the most used to organize personal finances with a fairly simple design. It was created to organize your expenses by categories specifically and receive summaries with the modality you choose, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly so you can visualize the behavior of your finances and see the trends in your spending. As implied by the “i,” it is only available for the iPhone, exclusively for the IOS operating system. It is one of the most downloaded applications among Apple users who want to organize their financial transactions. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Dollarbird is an extraordinary tool, created precisely so that you can see where you are spending your money. It is available for both iPhone and Android users and works from the calendar that comes with your cell phone. It is quite easy to use and will help you schedule your expenses according to the dates you preset into the application and add them to your calendar.


Fintonic is another excellent free app that is available for Android and iPhone. This app gives you the ability to manage your bank accounts and the other financial tools you have. This app allows you to synchronize the data of each of your accounts and the cards attached to them so that when executing any banking transaction, you will have a notification and a record available in real-time. Fintonic helps you keep the balance of the money available in your account through a chart and provides you with a virtual personal assistant that gives you advice on managing your finances better. This app also allows you to categorize your expenses through the alerts that you choose to activate. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Whallet is another tool that helps you easily and quickly manage your finances and is available for Android and iPhone users. Its main purpose of entering your income and expenses to categorize them and establish comparisons of one month to another month. This app is ideal for those who need to know in detail what they spent and saved at the end of the month so that they will have greater control and organization of their finances.


Spendee is a tool that facilitates control of both your expenses and your income and is available for both iPhone and Android users. This is an app specifically designed as a budgeting tool. Through the app, you can visualize your finances as represented in tables and colorful, attractive graphics. You can also activate reminders or alerts that indicate when you are spending excessively and in danger of going over your budget. This app was created specifically with the objective of curbing overspending and living outside your means.

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